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Competitors entered to ACT Metro Series Season Pass - Event B

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Name: ACT Metro Series Season Pass - Event B
Organiser: Orienteering ACT
Date: Saturday 25 July 2020

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Bushflyers (37)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Valerie BarkerBushflyersMod 2: W: Masters8007027
Lincoln BattBushflyersMod 1: M: Junior2099371
Mary BullockBushflyersMod 2: W: Masters2133842
Jack GroseBushflyersMod 2: M: Junior2149250
Susan HallissyBushflyersMod 2: W: Masters8241070
Susanne HarryssonBushflyersMod 1: W: Masters8004640
Andrew HobsonBushflyersMod 1: M: Masters8636021
Jo HobsonBushflyersMod 2: W: Masters8639411
Justine HobsonBushflyersMod 1: W: Junior8041810
Alison InglisBushflyersMod 1: W: Masters2038391
Andrew JohnsonBushflyersMod 1: M: Masters2076526
Ellen JohnsonBushflyersMod 1: W: Junior2074210
Natalie MillerBushflyersMod 1: W: Junior1124327
Patrick MillerBushflyersMod 1: M: Junior8650360
Peter MillerBushflyersMod 1: M: Masters2038400
Tristan MillerBushflyersMod 1: M: Junior8644933
Naomi PentonBushflyersEasy: W: Junior2118519
Rachel PentonBushflyersVEasy: W: Junior2001485
Ari PiiroinenBushflyersMod 1: M: Masters2024109
Josh RobardsBushflyersEasy: M: Junior2118515
Silke SpeierBushflyersMod 1: W: Masters8103227
Chris StocksBushflyersMod 2: W: Masters8103211
David StocksBushflyersMod 1: M: Junior8636575
Matthew StocksBushflyersMod 1: M: Masters8652588
Ryan StocksBushflyersMod 1: M: Junior8650871
Bodie TerrillBushflyersMod 1: M: Junior8103219
Greg TerrillBushflyersMod 1: M: Masters8103212
Zoe TerrillBushflyersMod 1: W: Junior8103240
Amber WalterBushflyersMod 2: W: Junior2140211
Heidi WalterBushflyersEasy: W: Masters2140253
Kenji WalterBushflyersMod 2: M: Masters2140267
Brendan WilsonBushflyersMod 1: M: Junior8220202
Greg WilsonBushflyersMod 1: M: Masters8181070
Joseph WilsonBushflyersMod 1: M: Junior8021003
Mia WithefordBushflyersMod 2: W: Junior2116433
Aidan YeatesBushflyersMod 2: M: Junior2140225
Anastasia YeatesBushflyersEasy: W: Junior2001483