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Competitors entered to ACT Metro Series Season Pass - Event B

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Name: ACT Metro Series Season Pass - Event B
Organiser: Orienteering ACT
Date: Saturday 25 July 2020

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Red Roos (26)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Judy AllisonRed RoosMod 2: W: Masters8001523
Robert AllisonRed RoosMod 2: M: Masters7441447
Penny BrothersRed RoosMod 1: W: Masters355323
Michael BurtRed RoosMod 1: M: Masters8654977
Lauren CharlesRed RoosMod 1: W: Junior2118520
Martin CharlesRed RoosMod 1: M: Masters2075084
Tommy CharlesRed RoosMod 1: M: Junior2057058
Connor DentRed RoosEasy: M: Junior8668728
Elye DentRed RoosMod 2: M: Junior8652596
Hayden DentRed RoosMod 2: M: Junior8667637
Kathie DentRed RoosMod 1: W: Masters8667936
Layla DentRed RoosVEasy: W: Junior1418747
Martin DentRed RoosMod 1: M: Masters8631650
Phoebe DentRed RoosMod 1: W: Masters1602090
Stephen GoggsRed RoosMod 1: M: Masters8103213
Ewan GregsonRed RoosMod 2: M: Junior2074269
Mark GregsonRed RoosMod 1: M: Masters8650864
Bill JonesRed RoosMod 2: M: Masters8635944
Kerryne JonesRed RoosMod 2: W: Masters9200773
Robert MouattRed RoosMod 2: M: Masters8020193
Jonathan PickeringRed RoosMod 2: M: Masters2001499
William PickeringRed RoosMod 2: M: Junior2140251
Annabel ScottRed RoosMod 2: W: Junior44136
Rebecca TedeschiRed RoosEasy: W: Open8002263
Alan ThompsonRed RoosMod 2: M: Masters249556
Jose ZapataRed RoosMod 1: M: Masters1602058