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Competitors entered to Upper Kedron, Parks and Streets

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Name: Upper Kedron, Parks and Streets
Organiser: Orienteering Queensland
Date: Thursday 17 September 2020

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21 competitors entered in total.

Short (12)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Maryanne ArendseNo club membership
Timothy ArendseNo club membership
John CooperUgly Gully Orienteers
Fiona CrossleyEnoggeroos
Daniel HowesNo club membership
Samuel HowesNo club membership
Maya LucasNo club membership
Zachary LucasNo club membership
Josiah MacPhersonNo club membership
Karyn RossToohey Forest Orienteers
Liam RoweEnoggeroos
Christopher SpriggsUgly Gully Orienteers

Medium (4)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Gabriel ArendseNo club membership
Judith HayToohey Forest Orienteers
Owen RichmondEnoggeroos
Matthew RossToohey Forest Orienteers

Long (5)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Sue ClarkeSunshine Orienteers Club
Peter EffeneyUgly Gully Orienteers
Ingo HettelingEnoggeroos
Walter KelemenSunshine Orienteers Club
Neil SimsonToohey Forest Orienteers