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Competitors entered to Binalong Bay - Mini Rogaine - 3 Hour Maprun

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Name: Binalong Bay - Mini Rogaine - 3 Hour Maprun
Organiser: Esk Valley
Date: Monday 28 September 2020 - Friday 2 October 2020

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

57 competitors entered in total.

Entrant (57)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Simon AllenAustralopers
Gill AustinNo club membership
Meisha AustinAustralopers
Elizabeth BicevskisAustralopers
Martin BicevskisAustralopers
Valerie BrammallEsk Valley
John BrockEsk Valley
Chris BrownEsk Valley
Oskar BucirdeEsk Valley
Sebastian BurgessAustralopers
Janet BushAustralopers
Bill ButlerAustralopers
Liz ButlerAustralopers
Charlie CooperAustralopers
Mick CooperAustralopers
Mikayla CooperAustralopers
Diana Cossar-BurgessAustralopers
Callum DegenaarAustralopers
Marcus DegenaarAustralopers
Renny DuckettAustralopers
Thomas GardeAustralopers
Helena GriggsAustralopers
Wayne GriggsAustralopers
Janet HancockCasuals TAS
Sue HancockAustralopers
Adam HawkesNo club membership
Ben HawkesNo club membership
Ian HawkesNo club membership
Melanie HawkesNo club membership
Lucy HawthorneAustralopers
Neil HawthorneAustralopers
Ross KellyAustralopers
Riley KerrEsk Valley
James LaverAustralopers
Paul LigginsAustralopers
Cathy McCombAustralopers
Eleanor McLeanEsk Valley
Kenneth McLeanEsk Valley
Jo MitchellAustralopers
Owen MulcahyAustralopers
Roger MulcahyAustralopers
Donelda NilesEsk Valley
Paul PacqueEsk Valley
Miriam PalmerAustralopers
Thais PerottoniNo club membership
Geoff PowellAustralopers
Sandi PowellAustralopers
Adric StreatfeildCasuals TAS
Liana StubbsAustralopers
Simon StubbsAustralopers
Barbara TassellAustralopers
Moira WarrNo club membership
Gayle WestAustralopers
Mark WestAustralopers
Will WhittingtonAustralopers
Karen Wild-AllenAustralopers
Ian WoolfordNo club membership