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Competitors entered to Rushcutters Orienteering

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Name: Rushcutters Orienteering
Organiser: Hastings Orienteering Group
Date: Sunday 20 September 2020

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

55 competitors entered in total.

Moderate (32)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Megan AdamsNo club membership
Isaac BarryCasuals NSW
Luke BarryCasuals NSW
David BeardNo club membership
Paul BeaverNo club membership
Samuel BeaverCasuals NSW
Sean BurkeNo club membership
John BurmanNo club membership
David ClaytonHastings Orienteering Group
David CraddockCasuals NSW
Chris DelaneyNo club membership
Janelle HiltonCasuals NSW
Jason HiltonCasuals NSW
Joanne HollisCasuals NSW
Peter LangranHastings Orienteering Group8632890
Kym MareeNo club membership
Kelly MartinNo club membership
Amelia ParnellNo club membership
Brigid ParnellCasuals NSW
Gregory ParnellNo club membership
Richard PattisonBennelong Northside Orienteers8651704
Christopher SextonHastings Orienteering Group
Thomas SteelHastings Orienteering Group
Zara SteelHastings Orienteering Group
Zoe SteelHastings Orienteering Group
Melissa ThomasBennelong Northside Orienteers8668729
Sally WoodhouseHastings Orienteering Group
Amelia WoodinNo club membership
Claire WoodinNo club membership
Hamish WoodinNo club membership
Kate WoodinNo club membership
Sophie WoodinNo club membership

Easy (23)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Vanessa BaileyNo club membership
Kath BrazelCasuals NSW
Brett CurrieCasuals NSW
Kate CurrieCasuals NSW
Molly CurrieCasuals NSW
Rory CurrieCasuals NSW
Catrina DavisonNo club membership
Andrew DunCasuals NSW
Jessica DunCasuals NSW
Kate LisaHastings Orienteering Group
Alexander MadeleyHastings Orienteering Group
Russell MadeleyHastings Orienteering Group
Sandra MadeleyHastings Orienteering Group
Zachary MadeleyHastings Orienteering Group
Leah PearseNo club membership
Jonathan RichardsonNo club membership
Miranda RichardsonNo club membership
Nicole RichardsonNo club membership
Hannah SextonCasuals NSW
Joshua SextonCasuals NSW
Vanessa SteelHastings Orienteering Group
Kim WadsworthNo club membership
Sereena WardNo club membership