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Competitors entered to North Haven Orienteering

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Name: North Haven Orienteering
Organiser: Hastings Orienteering Group
Date: Sunday 15 November 2020

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

49 competitors entered in total.

Moderate (26)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Vanessa BaileyNo club membership
Matt BellHastings Orienteering Group2037094
Katrina BouletHastings Orienteering Group
David CharlesCasuals NSW
Merry CharlesCasuals NSW
David ClaytonHastings Orienteering Group
Catrina DavisonNo club membership
Andrew DunCasuals NSW
Stephanie DunCasuals NSW
Lucinda EarlHastings Orienteering Group
Jenny FriendHastings Orienteering Group2037100
Janelle HiltonCasuals NSW
Jason HiltonCasuals NSW
Cheryl LaneBush n Beach Orienteering Club2086024
Peter LangranHastings Orienteering Group8632890
Ali McLachlanHastings Orienteering Group
Amelia ParnellCasuals NSW
Brigid ParnellCasuals NSW
Gregory ParnellCasuals NSW
Alec PartridgeNo club membership
Grant PartridgeNo club membership
Lisa PartridgeNo club membership
Ryan PartridgeNo club membership
Kim WadsworthCasuals NSW
Sally WoodhouseHastings Orienteering Group
Karen WoollardCasuals NSW

Easy (23)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Megan AdamsNo club membership
Matthew AnsleyCasuals NSW
Andrew BarltropHastings Orienteering Group
Diarmuid BarltropHastings Orienteering Group
John BurmanCasuals NSW
Brett CurrieCasuals NSW
Kate CurrieCasuals NSW
Molly CurrieCasuals NSW
Rory CurrieCasuals NSW
Jessica DunCasuals NSW
John DunCasuals NSW
Jack EarlHastings Orienteering Group
Joshua EarlHastings Orienteering Group
Scott EarlHastings Orienteering Group
Tracey HamerCasuals NSW
Joanne HollisCasuals NSW
Arna McdermottCasuals NSW
Dan McLachlanHastings Orienteering Group
Abigail ShieldsCasuals NSW
Jack ShieldsCasuals NSW
Lucinda ShieldsCasuals NSW
Matilda ShieldsCasuals NSW
Peter StevensGaringal Orienteers1602086