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Competitors entered to EVOC Summer Cup - final 'Sun & Sand' Weymouth - scatter event

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Name: EVOC Summer Cup - final 'Sun & Sand' Weymouth - scatter event
Organiser: Esk Valley
Date: Sunday 24 January 2021

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Esk Valley (19)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Brea AndrewarthaEsk ValleyLong1391756
Nicholas AndrewarthaEsk ValleyLong419050
Euan BestEsk ValleyLong8667633
Phil BestEsk ValleyLong8652446
Sophie BestEsk ValleyLong8517387
Sussan BestEsk ValleyLong8635916
Chris BrownEsk ValleyLong1406101
Bayley FisherEsk ValleyLong8670334
Riley KerrEsk ValleyLong8660481
Russell KerrEsk ValleyLong9101754
Eleanor McLeanEsk ValleyLong1398650
Kenneth McLeanEsk ValleyLong1391848
Dirk NankervisEsk ValleyLong1391765
Donelda NilesEsk ValleyShort1418735
Paul PacqueEsk ValleyLong1406110
Arabella PhillipsEsk ValleyLong8653103
Simon PhillipsEsk ValleyLong1391842
Bianca WhiteEsk ValleyLong
Carlin WhiteEsk ValleyLong9101698