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Competitors entered to Snap Sprint Series Event 4 - Semaphore Park

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Name: Snap Sprint Series Event 4 - Semaphore Park
Organisers: Orienteering SA / SA Arrows
Date: Friday 19 February 2021

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Tjuringa Orienteers (15)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Achilles BarnettTjuringa OrienteersM Jun Short8643892
Kym BarnettTjuringa OrienteersM Vet Long8627663
Lyn BarnettTjuringa OrienteersW Vet Short8670913
Cheryl BevelanderTjuringa OrienteersW Vet Long449469
Lewis CarterTjuringa OrienteersM Vet Short2082214
Zoe CarterTjuringa OrienteersW Open Long2075080
Ben CazzolatoTjuringa OrienteersM Vet Long8300469
Marcus CazzolatoTjuringa OrienteersM Jun Short8200836
Toby CazzolatoTjuringa OrienteersM Open Long8300104
Abbie FaulknerTjuringa OrienteersW Jun Long2134510
Keren FaulknerTjuringa OrienteersW Vet Long2133849
Max FaulknerTjuringa OrienteersM Jun Short
Lan KellyTjuringa OrienteersW Vet Short8061067
Aylwin LimTjuringa OrienteersM Vet Short2065558
Harry WaterhouseTjuringa OrienteersM Vet Long437266