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Competitors entered to Snap Sprint Series Event 4 - Semaphore Park

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Name: Snap Sprint Series Event 4 - Semaphore Park
Organisers: Orienteering SA / SA Arrows
Date: Friday 19 February 2021

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Tintookies Orienteers (11)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Clive ArthurTintookies OrienteersM Vet Short204228
Marian ArthurTintookies OrienteersW Vet Short407960
Erica DimentTintookies OrienteersW Vet Short2133876
Trevor DimentTintookies OrienteersM Vet Short405730
Ben MarschallTintookies OrienteersM Jun Short2082219
Jack MarschallTintookies OrienteersM Open Long8516240
Kate MarschallTintookies OrienteersW Vet Long2056605
Robert SmithTintookies OrienteersM Vet Short2080255
Ken ThompsonTintookies OrienteersM Vet Short405736
Allison WhittakerTintookies OrienteersW Vet Short437267
Andrew WhittakerTintookies OrienteersM Vet Short433943