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Competitors entered to Petrie MTBO

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Name: Petrie MTBO
Organiser: Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers
Date: Sunday 11 April 2021

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Enoggeroos (9)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Dylan BryantEnoggeroosM168022006
Tony BryantEnoggeroosM408021977
Dave CongreveEnoggeroosLong 14km8635997
Fiona CrossleyEnoggeroosScore 90min8236518
Richard CrossleyEnoggeroosLong 14km8285430
David FirmanEnoggeroosM608636832
Julie FisherEnoggeroosScore 90min417774
Joseph GarbelliniEnoggeroosM508680014
Paul GarbelliniEnoggeroosM168660488