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Competitors entered to MelBushO 8 - Hawkstowe Park - includes RadiO Event

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Name: MelBushO 8 - Hawkstowe Park - includes RadiO Event
Organiser: Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers
Date: Sunday 18 July 2021

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38 competitors entered in total.

1 - Long Hard (4)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Stephen BuddeeCasuals VIC
Henri du ToitMelbourne Forest Racers8680057
Andrew RowanBayside Kangaroos Orienteers8001519
Vic SedunaryBayside Kangaroos Orienteers9101379

2 - Medium Hard (6)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Eric HarthCasuals VIC
Sarah KempCasuals VIC
Carolyn LaytonNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club2110756
Matthew LaytonNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club2110753
Barry MooreNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club2009865
Ray ScaddanDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club2136098

3 - Short Hard (15)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Sheila CollsYarra Valley Orienteering Club8004486
Debbie DoddDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club8000172
David GoddardYarra Valley Orienteering Club2110752
Ruth GoddardYarra Valley Orienteering Club2128300
Leonie KempCasuals VIC
Christopher KentYarra Valley Orienteering Club8065049
Lucas KentYarra Valley Orienteering Club8007039
David KnightBayside Kangaroos Orienteers502573
Kathryn KnightBayside Kangaroos Orienteers2082537
Ralph KochYarra Valley Orienteering Club8654852
Kathy LileyYarra Valley Orienteering Club8636569
Dennis MewsBayside Kangaroos Orienteers8001508
Pat MewsBayside Kangaroos Orienteers7200125
Laurie NivenNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club1392595
David ZhongCasuals VIC

4 - Moderate (12)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Tim CameronCasuals VIC
Robert CollisCasuals VIC
Melanie KentYarra Valley Orienteering Club8004487
Adisa KozmaBayside Kangaroos Orienteers9070411
Angelina KozmaBayside Kangaroos Orienteers8065050
Martin KozmaBayside Kangaroos Orienteers8654856
Joshua LaytonNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club2110760
Andy MooreCasuals VIC
Siobhan MooreCasuals VIC
Gloria MoscattiniCasuals VIC
Mike SymonsCasuals VIC
Ilze YeatesDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club8001524

5 - Easy (1)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Neo KozmaBayside Kangaroos Orienteers2037616