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Competitors entered to Vic Autumn-Spring 5 - Glenlyon Forest, Glenlyon

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Name: Vic Autumn-Spring 5 - Glenlyon Forest, Glenlyon
Organisers: Central Highlands Orienteering Club / Orienteering Victoria
Date: Sunday 1 August 2021

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Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers (14)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Helen AlexanderBayside Kangaroos Orienteers3 W8635901
Toby CooperBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1 M8664301
Mary EnterBayside Kangaroos Orienteers3 W204099
John GavensBayside Kangaroos Orienteers3 M8667795
Liliia GlushchenkoBayside Kangaroos Orienteers2 W416750
Judi HerkesBayside Kangaroos Orienteers3 W8664848
Janet KingBayside Kangaroos Orienteers3 W2082555
Matthew KingBayside Kangaroos Orienteers3 M364265
Adisa KozmaBayside Kangaroos Orienteers4 W9070411
Angelina KozmaBayside Kangaroos Orienteers5 W8065050
Martin KozmaBayside Kangaroos Orienteers2 M8654856
Neo KozmaBayside Kangaroos Orienteers5 M2037616
Heather LeslieBayside Kangaroos Orienteers3 W8667836
Alexander RowlandsBayside Kangaroos Orienteers3 M9201352