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Competitors entered to Stag's Head - OST 3 - Schools Selection Event 2

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Name: Stag's Head - OST 3 - Schools Selection Event 2
Organiser: Australopers
Date: Sunday 2 May 2021

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Esk Valley (13)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Euan BestEsk ValleyCourse 6 M8667633
Phil BestEsk ValleyCourse 6 M8652446
Sophie BestEsk ValleyCourse 4 W8517387
Sussan BestEsk ValleyCourse 4 W8635916
Valerie BrammallEsk ValleyCourse 6 W1391841
Chris BrownEsk ValleyCourse 4 W1406101
Oskar BucirdeEsk ValleyCourse 1 M8005872
Riley KerrEsk ValleyCourse 3 M8660481
Russell KerrEsk ValleyCourse 6 M9101754
Ilanna McDougallEsk ValleyCourse 6 W2068742
Dirk NankervisEsk ValleyCourse 3 M1391765
Paul PacqueEsk ValleyCourse 3 M1406110
Jack WickhamEsk ValleyCourse 3 M2068739