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Competitors entered to Bendigo Bush - Royal George

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Name: Bendigo Bush - Royal George
Organiser: Bendigo Orienteers
Date: Saturday 17 April 2021

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Bendigo Orienteers (25)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Jenny BallBendigo Orienteers21600042
Evan BarrBendigo Orienteers1683130
Ilka BarrBendigo Orienteers11396788
Neil BarrBendigo Orienteers18516186
Charles BrownridgeBendigo Orienteers28516586
Andrew CameronBendigo Orienteers28636572
Susan DavidsonBendigo Orienteers4204311
Terry DavidsonBendigo Orienteers3204310
Julie FlynnBendigo Orienteers18631306
Peter ForbesBendigo Orienteers21602691
Peter GalvinBendigo Orienteers2204060
Tony GinisBendigo Orienteers3
Ben GoonanBendigo Orienteers19200355
Louise HallBendigo Orienteers28081267
David JonesBendigo Orienteers2204217
Heather JonesBendigo Orienteers2204105
Lorraine LevershaBendigo Orienteers3204122
Nigel McGuckianBendigo Orienteers28631307
Anne RobinsonBendigo Orienteers41395369
Ross RunnallsBendigo Orienteers27200205
Jim RussellBendigo Orienteers18626796
Dianne SearleBendigo Orienteers38654975
Peter SearleBendigo Orienteers28660484
Tim TurnbullBendigo Orienteers28160268
John WilkinsonBendigo Orienteers41396785