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Competitors entered to Mt Peel, Drayton, afternoon coaching

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Name: Mt Peel, Drayton, afternoon coaching
Organiser: Range Runners Orienteering Club
Date: Sunday 6 June 2021

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

41 competitors entered in total.

Very Easy (7)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Lucinda BarnesRange Runners Orienteering Club
Finlay CoffisonBullecourt Boulder Bounders
Lachlan CoffisonBullecourt Boulder Bounders
Jasmine CooperBullecourt Boulder Bounders
Oliver LaheyCasuals QLD
Xanthin LawsBullecourt Boulder Bounders8680102
Lisa RichardsCasuals QLD

Easy (9)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Abigail BarnesRange Runners Orienteering Club
Jac CoffisonBullecourt Boulder Bounders
Matilda CooperBullecourt Boulder Bounders
Nicole CooperBullecourt Boulder Bounders
William DayBullecourt Boulder Bounders2068444
Allan LaheyCasuals QLD
Ellis LaheyCasuals QLD
Selina RichardsCasuals QLD
Doug SeymourNo club membership2053201

Moderate (19)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
William BarnesRange Runners Orienteering Club
Hunter BeirneNo club membership
Alex BiernoffRange Runners Orienteering Club
Lilly BiernoffRange Runners Orienteering Club
Rebekah BiernoffRange Runners Orienteering Club
Declan CampbellBullecourt Boulder Bounders2068484
Glenn CampbellBullecourt Boulder Bounders2053223
Sue CampbellBullecourt Boulder Bounders2068488
Emma DayBullecourt Boulder Bounders2068435
Ewan KeithBullecourt Boulder Bounders17802
Abbie LaneRange Runners Orienteering Club
Ariona LawsBullecourt Boulder Bounders8646119
Gabi LawsNo club membership2068486
Eric LovellRange Runners Orienteering Club2098977
Emma MackenzieCasuals QLD
Cooper MortonBullecourt Boulder Bounders
Ben MurrayToohey Forest Orienteers
Dallas SykesRange Runners Orienteering Club
Jacob SykesRange Runners Orienteering Club

Long Hard (6)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Grant Eldridge HayesRange Runners Orienteering Club2098987
William GilmoreNo club membership2053220
Richard LaneRange Runners Orienteering Club
Maxine LovellRange Runners Orienteering Club2068456
Ewan McFarlandBullecourt Boulder Bounders
Lachlan MooreRange Runners Orienteering Club2036816