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Competitors entered to Wilpena Spurs: Middle Distance Event

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Name: Wilpena Spurs: Middle Distance Event
Organisers: Orienteering SA / Tintookies Orienteers
Date: Monday 9 June 2014

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Tjuringa Orienteers (17)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Lewis CarterTjuringa OrienteersCourse 3 Male
Zoe CarterTjuringa OrienteersCourse 5 Female
Christine FranklinTjuringa OrienteersCourse 4 Female449461
Janet HillyardTjuringa OrienteersCourse 3 Female44228
Robert HillyardTjuringa OrienteersCourse 5 Male44227
Paul HoopmannTjuringa OrienteersCourse 2 Male407933
Aylwin LimTjuringa OrienteersCourse 3 Male2065558
Sarah LimTjuringa OrienteersCourse 4 Female2056602
Lee MerchantTjuringa OrienteersCourse 3 Male407948
Troy MerchantTjuringa OrienteersCourse 1 Male407950
Jane NewlandsTjuringa OrienteersCourse 4 Female443471
Ann NolanTjuringa OrienteersCourse 3 Female352020
Desmond NormanTjuringa OrienteersCourse 1 Male9561007
Meredith NormanTjuringa OrienteersCourse 2 Female9005346
Dean PastrelloTjuringa OrienteersCourse 2 Male443429
Fulvio PastrelloTjuringa OrienteersCourse 4 Male443498
Zoe PastrelloTjuringa OrienteersCourse 4 Female443450