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Competitors entered to Wilpena Spurs: Middle Distance Event

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Name: Wilpena Spurs: Middle Distance Event
Organisers: Orienteering SA / Tintookies Orienteers
Date: Monday 9 June 2014

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Tintookies Orienteers (25)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Clive ArthurTintookies OrienteersCourse 3 Male204228
Marian ArthurTintookies OrienteersCourse 3 Female407960
Erica DimentTintookies OrienteersCourse 3 Female405740
Trevor DimentTintookies OrienteersCourse 3 Male405730
Sarah-Jane FrancesTintookies OrienteersCourse 5 Groups
Sienna FrancesTintookies OrienteersCourse 5 Groups
Talari FrancesTintookies OrienteersCourse 5 Female9005343
Wess FrancesTintookies OrienteersCourse 3 Male
Melanie FullerTintookies OrienteersCourse 1 Female433945
Abigail GeorgeTintookies OrienteersCourse 4 Female9201051
David GeorgeTintookies OrienteersCourse 1 Male9101323
Joanna GeorgeTintookies OrienteersCourse 4 Female9201053
Susan GeorgeTintookies OrienteersCourse 4 Female1395956
Ian GrivellTintookies OrienteersCourse 4 Male
Max GrivellTintookies OrienteersCourse 5 Male
Phil HazellTintookies OrienteersCourse 1 Male407995
John NieuwenhovenTintookies OrienteersCourse 1 Male1392402
George ReevesTintookies OrienteersCourse 2 Male437265
Helen SmithTintookies OrienteersCourse 1 Female407985
Emily SorensenTintookies OrienteersCourse 3 Female2046699
Olivia SprodTintookies OrienteersCourse 1 Female433949
Ken ThompsonTintookies OrienteersCourse 3 Male405736
Allison WhittakerTintookies OrienteersCourse 2 Female437267
Andrew WhittakerTintookies OrienteersCourse 1 Male433943
Sally YoungTintookies OrienteersCourse 1 Female433948