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Competitors entered to Sprint Into Sprint Race 1 - VU St Albans

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Name: Sprint Into Sprint Race 1 - VU St Albans
Organisers: Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers / Orienteering Victoria
Date: Saturday 17 October 2015

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

78 competitors entered in total.

Course 1 (36)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Bruce ArthurMelbourne Forest Racers741108
Peter BrayMelbourne Forest Racers895150
Toni BrownBushflyers1600571
Clare BrownridgeBendigo Orienteers7200204
Nicholas CollinsBayside Kangaroos Orienteers9200099
Peter CollinsBayside Kangaroos Orienteers7202837
Stephen CollinsBayside Kangaroos Orienteers364270
Carl DalheimMelbourne Forest Racers9601231
Max DalheimMelbourne Forest Racers9100499
Nicola DalheimMelbourne Forest Racers9651020
Ian DaviesDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club658076
Don FellNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club880003
Robert FooteNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club9487556
Egil FossumBayside Kangaroos Orienteers9101372
Even FossumBayside Kangaroos Orienteers7200116
Melissa GangemiYarra Valley Orienteering Club7003019
Scott GavensBayside Kangaroos Orienteers
Jim GlaspoleNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club7200120
Murray HannaBayside Kangaroos Orienteers2086609
Jarrod HarrisDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club7798358
Tim HatleyBayside Kangaroos Orienteers2042980
Peter HobbsDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club7200123
David JaffeMelbourne Forest Racers7003017
Patrick JaffeMelbourne Forest Racers9005208
Matthew KingBayside Kangaroos Orienteers364265
Shane MalliaBayside Kangaroos Orienteers2053996
Chris NorwoodEureka Orienteers540604
Bruce PatersonVictorian ARDF Group7676767
Angus RobinsonBayside Kangaroos Orienteers7003020
Simon RouseDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club9101646
Kristian RuuskaVictorian ARDF Group9574759
Rebecca ShawBayside Kangaroos Orienteers
Ralph StreetMelbourne Forest Racers503536
Blair TrewinYarra Valley Orienteering Club1931330
Tim WardropYarra Valley Orienteering Club430993
Josie YeatmanNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club7003156

Course 2 (34)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Helen AlexanderBayside Kangaroos Orienteers502570
Geoff ArmstrongNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club502589
Anne ArthurMelbourne Forest Racers1398400
Clive ArthurTintookies Orienteers204228
Mason ArthurMelbourne Forest Racers1392685
Torren ArthurMelbourne Forest Racers1392599
Sarah DaviesDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club2036814
Debbie DoddDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club600777
Fiona FellNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club502591
Magnus FossumBayside Kangaroos Orienteers7200350
Mariann FossumBayside Kangaroos Orienteers7200352
Margi FreemantleYarra Valley Orienteering Club9101377
Barry GilesNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club204263
Dale HoweDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club2041382
Ray HoweDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club2041370
Michael HubbertBayside Kangaroos Orienteers204089
Janet JohnsonNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club204208
Janet KingBayside Kangaroos Orienteers437239
Pamela KingDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club7201558
Kathy LileyYarra Valley Orienteering Club1931331
Philippa Lohmeyer-CollinsBayside Kangaroos Orienteers430846
Brody McCarthyYarra Valley Orienteering Club2054768
Cormac McCarthyYarra Valley Orienteering Club2800629
Barry McCraeYarra Valley Orienteering Club1931301
Noel McVeyTuckonie Orienteering Club2042993
Dennis MewsBayside Kangaroos Orienteers7200125
Steven O'ConnellBayside Kangaroos Orienteers
Anne RobinsonBayside Kangaroos Orienteers1395369
Ian StirlingNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club204384
Lauris StirlingNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club406651
Greg TamblynBayside Kangaroos Orienteers9102279
Ewen TempletonBayside Kangaroos Orienteers7500500
Jenelle TempletonNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club204155
Ilze YeatesDandenong Ranges Orienteering Club767949

Course 3 (8)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Ian BakerBayside Kangaroos Orienteers204001
Peter BeggsTuckonie Orienteering Club204101
Jackie DempsterYarra Valley Orienteering Club204297
John DempsterYarra Valley Orienteering Club204298
Vu HaNo club membership
Kevin MaloneyNillumbik Emus Orienteering Club204288
Pat MewsBayside Kangaroos Orienteers223431
Ken MooreTuckonie Orienteering Club502579