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Competitors entered to Pittwater - NOL 2017 Round 1, Race 2 - Long Distance

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Name: Pittwater - NOL 2017 Round 1, Race 2 - Long Distance
Organiser: Orienteering Tasmania
Date: Sunday 12 March 2017

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81 competitors entered in total.

M20E (24)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Dante AfnanSA Arrows9101325
Ewan BarnettCBR Cockatoos2020618
Johann BurgessTAS Foresters8631648
Simeon BurrillQLD Cyclones9005349
Lachlan CherryVIC Victoria1392020
Nicholas CongediSA Arrows449464
Duncan CurrieNSW Stingers1398388
Max DalheimVIC Victoria9100499
Jarrah DayTAS Foresters9005157
Riley de JongQLD Cyclones9101998
Joseph DickinsonTAS Foresters1398643
Jed FlemingTAS Foresters1391767
Alastair GeorgeNSW Stingers9101122
Daniel GrayQLD Cyclones9101517
Aston KeyVIC Victoria9201456
Stephen MelhuishCBR Cockatoos9005186
Oliver MillCBR Cockatoos2038397
Patrick MillerCBR Cockatoos9005156
Jack NeumannQLD Cyclones9005347
Sebastian O'HalloranTAS Foresters8111998
Noah PolandCBR Cockatoos8012001
Jake WestTAS Foresters9101689
Luke WestTAS Foresters9101682
Toby WilsonNSW Stingers9101120

W20E (10)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Rachel AllenTAS Foresters8631656
Zoe DowlingTAS Foresters9005159
Rebecca GeorgeNSW Stingers1602142
Georgia JonesNSW Stingers9101011
Sarah LimSA Arrows2056602
Jo Anna MaynardWA Nomads8633234
Tara MelhuishCBR Cockatoos2020606
Winnie OakhillQLD Cyclones9201057
Caroline PigerreQLD Cyclones1396807
Asha SteerVIC Victoria9005160

M21E (29)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Bruce ArthurVIC Victoria741108
Andrew BarnettCBR Cockatoos2006737
Robert BennettNSW Stingers2099375
Andrew BrownNSW Stingers8100283
David BrownridgeVIC Victoria9200065
Matthew CohenTAS Foresters1398631
Matthew CraneCBR Cockatoos501062
Jemery DayTAS Foresters2009863
Jeremy GenarTAS Foresters2009880
Leon KeelyVIC Victoria886554
Anatoly KulikovQLD Cyclones2086752
Atte LahtinenNSW Stingers7208422
Geoff LawfordVIC Victoria1409751
Ian LawfordCBR Cockatoos9101502
Paul LigginsTAS Foresters9200775
Jacob LindstamCBR Cockatoos988778
Brodie NankervisTAS Foresters9005158
John NieuwenhovenSA Arrows1392402
Matthew PattenTAS Foresters9101505
Kerrin RattraySA Arrows9200882
Stefano RausSA Arrows1831995
James RobertsonVIC Victoria683116
Simon RouseVIC Victoria9101646
Jim RussellVIC Victoria7003014
David ShepherdCBR Cockatoos8630938
Felix SpäthNo club membership621134
David TayQLD Cyclones1601734
Blair TrewinVIC Victoria1931330
Simon UppillSA Arrows1395955

W21E (18)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Jo AllisonCBR Cockatoos8630940
Nicola BlatchfordNSW Stingers1392477
Jenny CasanovaSA Arrows1392403
Grace CraneTAS Foresters1006143
Anna DowlingTAS Foresters9005155
Anna FitzgeraldNSW Stingers9160376
Liis JohansonVIC Victoria505569
Natasha KeyVIC Victoria1010161
Belinda LawfordCBR Cockatoos1409754
Susen Löschs-sport500293
Krystal NeumannQLD Cyclones7999111
Katie ReynoldsCBR Cockatoos2046579
Ainsley ScottTAS Foresters861511
Anna SheldonQLD Cyclones1006130
Lanita SteerVIC Victoria9005187
Bridget UppillSA Arrows2013205
Silke Van RooyTAS Foresters703008
Charlotte WatsonCBR Cockatoos895159