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Competitors entered to Fiona Calabro Memorial Event - Stockyard Creek - Burbank

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Name: Fiona Calabro Memorial Event - Stockyard Creek - Burbank
Organiser: Toohey Forest Orienteers
Date: Sunday 16 July 2017

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

69 competitors entered in total.

Hard3 (17)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Mandy CaldwellUgly Gully Orienteers2053243
James DougallToohey Forest Orienteers2023885
Paul ElbyEnoggeroos2034292
Hugh FitzgeraldWellington Ranges7200454
Thomas GarbelliniEnoggeroos8640954
Timothy GeorgeNo club membership
Ross McGinnisSunshine Orienteers Club2086746
Tim McIntyreUgly Gully Orienteers2019381
Geoff PeckToohey Forest Orienteers258889
Mark PetrieSunshine Orienteers Club2027089
Lance ReadUgly Gully Orienteers1180180
Wendy ReadUgly Gully Orienteers1396330
Michael SchaferToohey Forest Orienteers1396815
James ShulmeisterUgly Gully Orienteers9101369
Neil SimsonToohey Forest Orienteers9201058
Linda ThompsonSunshine Orienteers Club9101513
Johannes WeversSunshine Orienteers Club9102042

Hard 4 (19)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Jim BowlingEnoggeroos258420
Dexter CanningWellington Ranges9101992
Liz CanningWellington Ranges1391762
Brian CordwellToohey Forest Orienteers258830
Sean CrannyNo club membership
Juliana de NooyOrienteering Queensland1399601
Jim DougallToohey Forest Orienteers258472
Joseph GarbelliniEnoggeroos2082542
Samuel GarbelliniEnoggeroos8642015
Angela LissettNo club membership256693
Andrew Mac NeillNo club membership2084716
Reid MoranToohey Forest Orienteers8640972
Kathy PetrieSunshine Orienteers Club2027087
Clive PopeUgly Gully Orienteers9200361
Peter RussellSunshine Orienteers Club213669
Trevor SauerSunshine Orienteers Club403511
Janelle SchaferToohey Forest Orienteers1396828
David SchulzToohey Forest Orienteers354658
Wendy WestUgly Gully Orienteers2086756

Hard 5 (18)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Noelene AndersonUgly Gully Orienteers354659
Rhonda BowlingEnoggeroos258477
Jennifer BrettToohey Forest Orienteers258488
Christine CordwellToohey Forest Orienteers9101518
Alan W CoxToohey Forest Orienteers2075072
Pam CoxToohey Forest Orienteers258444
Donnita DougallToohey Forest Orienteers258499
Judith HayToohey Forest Orienteers7140849
Fiona McIntyreUgly Gully Orienteers1399610
Barbara PopeUgly Gully Orienteers258422
Karyn RossToohey Forest Orienteers2046676
Matthew RossToohey Forest Orienteers2046673
Jennifer SchulzToohey Forest Orienteers354642
Robin SpriggsOrienteering Queensland1931335
Johanna Tavner-CornerToohey Forest Orienteers2065543
Tony Tavner-CornerToohey Forest Orienteers9101322
Jemima WixtedNo club membership
Jane ZimmermanEnoggeroos2034300

Moderate (5)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Scott FergusonUgly Gully Orienteers2082220
Josephine GarbelliniEnoggeroos2082549
Paul GarbelliniEnoggeroos2084718
Sara GarbelliniEnoggeroos2082556
Amy Langford-ElyNo club membership1

Easy (7)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Tomasina CalabroToohey Forest Orienteers
Elizabeth FergusonUgly Gully Orienteers2084709
James FergusonUgly Gully Orienteers2082216
Lachlan FergusonUgly Gully Orienteers2084723
Andre SchoemanToohey Forest Orienteers
Brendan SchoemanToohey Forest Orienteers
Lily-Anne SchoemanToohey Forest Orienteers

Very Easy (3)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Adrian GarbelliniEnoggeroos2082217
Nicholas LauNo club membership
Sam LauNo club membership