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Competitors entered to 2017 Xmas 5 Days - Day 4 entry only- Boro

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Name: 2017 Xmas 5 Days - Day 4 entry only- Boro
Organisers: Big Foot Orienteers / Orienteering NSW
Date: Saturday 30 December 2017

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Abominable O-Men (7)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Conor BendleAbominable O-MenMen F2089791
Edith GrayAbominable O-MenWomen C9005192
Ann ScownAbominable O-MenWomen D1931396
John ScownAbominable O-MenMen C1931395
Ingrid Shelton AgarAbominable O-MenWomen F9062709
John Shelton AgarAbominable O-MenMen C9005341
Patrick Shelton AgarAbominable O-MenMen F9041004