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Competitors entered to Tolosa Park - Southern Summer Cup - Middle

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Name: Tolosa Park - Southern Summer Cup - Middle
Organisers: Australopers / Wellington Ranges
Date: Thursday 11 January 2018

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17 competitors entered in total.

Men Long (9)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Kim CarrollAustralopers1391796
Renny DuckettAustralopers1391781
Ross KellyAustralopers334999
Nicola MarshallAustralopers9200635
Hermione Powell-DaviesAustralopers4410769
Julia Powell-DaviesAustralopers4410768
Thomas Powell-DaviesAustralopers4410766
Peter ShawAustralopers406274
William ThorpeAustralopers8646123

Men Short (6)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Shey BissettPathfinders4410012
Phoebe DavisAustralopers1470369
David HancockWellington Ranges406227
Andrew KoerbinWellington Ranges4630718
Rosie RutledgeAustralopers1391783
Barbara VaschinaAustralopers4631742

Men Novice (2)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Amy ThurlingAustralopers4628842
Georgia ThurlingAustralopers4628878