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Competitors entered to NSW Middle Distance Champs SL #3

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Name: NSW Middle Distance Champs SL #3
Organiser: Northern Tablelands Orienteering Club
Date: Saturday 21 April 2018

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Western and Hills Orienteers (23)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Robert BradleyWestern and Hills OrienteersM45AS9201742
Niamh CassarWestern and Hills OrienteersW16A2116437
Lachlan CoadyWestern and Hills OrienteersM10A2038375
Lee CoadyWestern and Hills OrienteersM40A9005152
Levi CoadyWestern and Hills OrienteersM/W10N2036597
Lynn DabbsWestern and Hills OrienteersW65A9200063
James DunlopWestern and Hills OrienteersM21A9200779
Stephen DunlopWestern and Hills OrienteersM65A9200784
Maureen FitzpatrickWestern and Hills OrienteersW45AS335381
Barry HanlonWestern and Hills OrienteersM80A402493
Belinda KinneallyWestern and Hills OrienteersW35A2037132
James McQuillanWestern and Hills OrienteersM35A2037153
Nerise McQuillanWestern and Hills OrienteersW35A2041041
Janet MorrisWestern and Hills OrienteersW80A2054788
Barry PearceWestern and Hills OrienteersM75A44206
Dan SmithWestern and Hills OrienteersM35AS2096703
Paul SweeneyWestern and Hills OrienteersM Open B2116431
Saffron SweeneyWestern and Hills OrienteersW45A2116417
Savanna SweeneyWestern and Hills OrienteersW10A2116436
Selwyn SweeneyWestern and Hills OrienteersM16A2116430
Seth SweeneyWestern and Hills OrienteersM14A2116412
Shay SweeneyWestern and Hills OrienteersM/W10N2116424
Kevin WilliamsWestern and Hills OrienteersM70A9200062