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Competitors entered to NSW Middle Distance Champs SL #3

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Name: NSW Middle Distance Champs SL #3
Organiser: Northern Tablelands Orienteering Club
Date: Saturday 21 April 2018

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Ugly Gully Orienteers (14)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Helen BreslinUgly Gully OrienteersW35A256655
Geraldine ChatfieldUgly Gully OrienteersW60A1396182
Greg ChatfieldUgly Gully OrienteersM70A1396168
Juliana de NooyUgly Gully OrienteersW55A1399601
Brenton GrayUgly Gully OrienteersM35AS1601731
Meredith GrayUgly Gully OrienteersW40A9201052
Mikaela GrayUgly Gully OrienteersW16A8650376
Ryan GrayUgly Gully OrienteersM16A8650366
Anatoly KulikovUgly Gully OrienteersM21A2086752
Caroline PigerreUgly Gully OrienteersW21A1396807
Barbara PopeUgly Gully OrienteersW75A258422
Clive PopeUgly Gully OrienteersM80A9200361
James SheldonUgly Gully OrienteersM21A7205853
Joan SheldonUgly Gully OrienteersW70A403518