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Competitors entered to Goanna - Galston

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Name: Goanna - Galston
Organiser: Garingal Orienteers
Date: Sunday 6 May 2018

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81 competitors entered in total.

GOanna (Long) (38)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Toni BachvarovaGaringal Orienteers8656768
Keelan BirchGaringal Orienteers2082532
Kirsten BlakeCentral Coast Orienteers2101986
David BrayGaringal Orienteers1398386
John BrayanGaringal Orienteers2073095
Lee CoadyWestern and Hills Orienteers9005152
Graeme DawsonGaringal Orienteers8130761
Michele DawsonGaringal Orienteers8471994
Shane DoyleUringa Orienteers9201059
Miles EllisBig Foot Orienteers405020
Peter FozoGaringal Orienteers1396235
Aniko Fozo-KerteszGaringal Orienteers1396236
Michael FreeGaringal Orienteers2086631
Alastair GeorgeBig Foot Orienteers9101122
Rebecca GeorgeBig Foot Orienteers1602142
Simon GeorgeBig Foot Orienteers8649291
Tim GilesBig Foot Orienteers9101019
Matt HackettWestern and Hills Orienteers9200781
Nikolett HalmaiGaringal Orienteers9121083
Robert HerkesGaringal Orienteers1799488
Barbara HillGaringal Orienteers8652439
Tony HillGaringal Orienteers8650870
Istvan KerteszGaringal Orienteers8210982
Belinda KinneallyWestern and Hills Orienteers2037132
Richard MorrisBennelong Northside Orienteers8645941
Joel PutnamBennelong Northside Orienteers2095093
Michael Ridley-SmithGaringal Orienteers8641492
Melissa RobertsonCentral Coast Orienteers9201355
Serje RobidouxUringa Orienteers2800872
Brett SewellBennelong Northside Orienteers9101118
Ewan ShinglerBig Foot Orienteers8250602
Mark ShinglerBig Foot Orienteers8040162
Paula ShinglerBig Foot Orienteers8080563
Andy SimpsonBig Foot Orienteers8645939
Darren SlatteryBennelong Northside Orienteers2026319
Andrew SmithGaringal Orienteers8646110
Huon WilsonGaringal Orienteers2038382
Toby WilsonGaringal Orienteers8652590

DraGOn (Medium) (28)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Ross BarrGaringal Orienteers2036851
Terry BluettBennelong Northside Orienteers1931383
John BulmanGaringal Orienteers2037101
Niamh CassarWestern and Hills Orienteers2116437
Serena DoyleUringa Orienteers9101317
Ian FroudeIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers402480
Sue FroudeIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers7205855
Carol JacobsonGaringal Orienteers2037097
Ken JacobsonGaringal Orienteers2037096
Jamie KennedyGaringal Orienteers1931307
Tom KennedyGaringal Orienteers2024103
Karen LanganWestern and Hills Orienteers2064910
Julian LedgerBennelong Northside Orienteers1931337
Iida LehtonenGaringal Orienteers8644575
Angus LeungGaringal Orienteers2062803
Ellis LeungGaringal Orienteers2084719
Airdrie LongGaringal Orienteers2103600
Anna MarcuzziNo club membership2052051
Clyde McGheeBennelong Northside Orienteers8652434
David McGheeBennelong Northside Orienteers8655393
Jim MerchantGaringal Orienteers2038384
Bob MorganBennelong Northside Orienteers2052055
Joanna ParrBig Foot Orienteers2026307
Michael RoylanceBig Foot Orienteers417917
Linda SestaUringa Orienteers2037723
Nea ShinglerBig Foot Orienteers8080405
Margaret WaughGaringal Orienteers2041042
Gordon WilsonBennelong Northside Orienteers8650865

GeckO (Short) (10)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Dianne BergenGaringal Orienteers2037111
Elizabeth BulmanGaringal Orienteers2037114
Keith GoodeBig Foot Orienteers8649293
Barry HanlonWestern and Hills Orienteers402493
Joanna HillGaringal Orienteers8650867
Tania KennedyGaringal Orienteers8657692
Andra LeungGaringal Orienteers2101984
Wei-Hsuan LuGaringal Orienteers8641489
Ian MillerWestern and Hills Orienteers2087824
Janet MorrisWestern and Hills Orienteers2054788

Easy (4)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Kale BlakeCentral Coast Orienteers
Seven BlakeCentral Coast Orienteers
Vincent MorrisBennelong Northside Orienteers2037741
Lyra SimpsonBig Foot Orienteers8649289

Long Easy (1)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Lachlan CoadyWestern and Hills Orienteers2038375