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Competitors entered to 2018 State League #13 (Middle Distance)

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Name: 2018 State League #13 (Middle Distance)
Organisers: NSW Stingers / Orienteering NSW
Date: Saturday 18 August 2018

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Garingal Orienteers (32)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Melissa AnnettsGaringal OrienteersWomen 20A2024107
Peter AnnettsGaringal OrienteersMen 50A1392476
Ross BarrGaringal OrienteersMen 70A2036851
John BrayanGaringal OrienteersMen 50A2073095
Colin CurrieGaringal OrienteersMen 55A1399380
Ellen CurrieGaringal OrienteersWomen 20A8651791
Carolyn DaviesGaringal OrienteersWomen 55AS1602088
Rod EckelsGaringal OrienteersMen 55A364438
Jim ForbesGaringal OrienteersMen 65A2026316
Peter FozoGaringal OrienteersMen 35AS1396235
Aniko Fozo-KerteszGaringal OrienteersWomen 21AS1396236
Nikolett HalmaiGaringal OrienteersWomen 35A9121083
Michael HanrattyGaringal OrienteersMen Open B7201552
Carolyn HauptGaringal OrienteersWomen 40A7200115
Barbara HillGaringal OrienteersWomen 50A2037613
Joanna HillGaringal OrienteersWomen 20A2042675
Tony HillGaringal OrienteersMen 50A2042667
Barbara JunghansGaringal OrienteersWomen 65AS8652586
Ron JunghansGaringal OrienteersMen 75A8650869
Jamie KennedyGaringal OrienteersMen 50A1931307
Tania KennedyGaringal OrienteersWomen 50A8657692
Istvan KerteszGaringal OrienteersMen 35A1931365
Iida LehtonenGaringal OrienteersWomen 14A8644575
Andra LeungGaringal OrienteersWomen 16A2101984
Ellis LeungGaringal OrienteersMen 45AS2084719
Jim MerchantGaringal OrienteersMen 70A2038384
Ross MorrisonGaringal OrienteersMen 45A2037092
Johnny PetersenGaringal OrienteersMen 65A7001111
Christa SchaferGaringal OrienteersWomen 75A402336
Warwick SelbyGaringal OrienteersMen 65A2048077
Huon WilsonGaringal OrienteersMen 21A2038382
Toby WilsonGaringal OrienteersMen 21A8652590