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Competitors entered to AOC2018 Australian Middle Distance Championships NOL & WRE Event 1

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Name: AOC2018 Australian Middle Distance Championships NOL & WRE Event 1
Organiser: Orienteering SA
Date: Saturday 29 September 2018

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Peninsula and Plains (22)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Jenni AdamsPeninsula and PlainsW45A700829
Alistair Cory-WrightPeninsula and PlainsM50A8123123
Jean Cory-WrightPeninsula and PlainsW60A581024
Katie Cory-WrightPeninsula and PlainsW20E1999239
Alice EganPeninsula and PlainsW16A1403375
Isaac EganPeninsula and PlainsM20E1403374
Oliver EganPeninsula and PlainsM20E1403373
Janet HardingPeninsula and PlainsW45B2068631
Matthew HardingPeninsula and PlainsM16A1420796
Mike HardingPeninsula and PlainsM55A432022
Tom HardingPeninsula and PlainsM20E2036164
Carsten JoergensenPeninsula and PlainsM45A7010250
Kaia JoergensenPeninsula and PlainsW16A9150804
Torun JoergensenPeninsula and PlainsW10A348212
Ryan MoorePeninsula and PlainsM16A2800781
Adrienne ShadboltPeninsula and PlainsW45AS
Ayrton ShadboltPeninsula and PlainsM20E2097758
Clayton ShadboltPeninsula and PlainsM16A2097780
Briana StevenPeninsula and PlainsW20E7205861
Daisy YorkPeninsula and PlainsW14A9040624
Gemma YorkPeninsula and PlainsW12A9060107
Isabella Zinzan-DickiePeninsula and PlainsW14A9140504