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Competitors entered to Public bush event - Priestdale

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Name: Public bush event - Priestdale
Organiser: Orienteering Queensland
Date: Sunday 29 July 2018

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22 competitors entered in total.

Hard 1 (7)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Daniel GrayUgly Gully Orienteers8644940
Andrew HillWestern and Hills Orienteers8654849
Lachlan HowardEnoggeroos2067720
Ken LawsBullecourt Boulder Bounders8650368
Mark NemethToohey Forest Orienteers1392073
Jack NeumannEnoggeroos8651711
Jess RogersRange Runners Orienteering Club2053204

Hard 2 (9)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Fiona CaristoEnoggeroos9102822
Joseph GarbelliniEnoggeroos2082542
Brenton GrayUgly Gully Orienteers1601731
Meredith GrayUgly Gully Orienteers9201052
Frances PowellUgly Gully Orienteers1602055
Murray PowellUgly Gully Orienteers2067713
Annette RogersRange Runners Orienteering Club1414989
Christopher SpriggsUgly Gully Orienteers1931336
Robin SpriggsUgly Gully Orienteers1931335

Moderate 1 (2)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Alison BryantEnoggeroos9200638
Bronwyn WellingBullecourt Boulder Bounders

Moderate 2 (2)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Josephine GarbelliniEnoggeroos2082549
Sharon WithersEnoggeroos2046668

Very Easy (2)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Emrys RogersRange Runners Orienteering Club2098973
Jacob WellingBullecourt Boulder Bounders