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Competitors entered to Oceania 2019 - Riverina Run 3 Days- Multi Day Entry

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Name: Oceania 2019 - Riverina Run 3 Days- Multi Day Entry
Organisers: Orienteering ACT / Orienteering NSW
Date: Tuesday 1 October 2019 - Thursday 3 October 2019

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Australopers (35)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Wendy AndrewarthaAustralopersWomen D1391813
Elizabeth BicevskisAustralopersWomen C8643992
Martin BicevskisAustralopersMen C8633235
Sebastian BurgessAustralopersMen B1398638
Janet BushAustralopersWomen C1391780
Bill ButlerAustralopersMen B1391825
Liz ButlerAustralopersWomen C1391822
Jane CalderAustralopersWomen C2009842
Mike CalderAustralopersMen C1391800
Hilary CaneAustralopersWomen C9200581
Gary CarrollAustralopersMen B1391795
Matthew CohenAustralopersMen A8652433
Diana Cossar-BurgessAustralopersWomen B2009847
Jemery DayAustralopersMen A2009863
Charles DragarAustralopersMen B9200392
Renny DuckettAustralopersMen C1391781
Jeff DunnAustralopersMen B8664056
Bert ElsonAustralopersMen C8664060
Kim EnkelaarAustralopersWomen C9101693
Paul EnkelaarAustralopersMen B9102041
Will EnkelaarAustralopersMen F2101985
Helena GriggsAustralopersWomen C1391779
Wayne GriggsAustralopersMen C1403672
Jan HardyAustralopersWomen C1418737
Clare HawthorneAustralopersWomen B8645286
Greg HawthorneAustralopersMen C7155158
Simon LouisAustralopersMen A8203948
Cathy McCombAustralopersWomen B8650877
Lindsay PenderAustralopersMen C1391801
Hermione Powell-DaviesAustralopersWomen E8654984
Rosie RutledgeAustralopersWomen C7207976
Andrea SchiwyAustralopersWomen C8212502
Anthony StonerAustralopersMen B8646165
Eddie StonerAustralopersMen D8650370
Sally WayteAustralopersWomen C1398640