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Competitors entered to OY1 - Sprint - & OQ AGM

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Name: OY1 - Sprint - & OQ AGM
Organisers: Orienteering Queensland / QLD Cyclones
Date: Sunday 3 March 2019

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Enoggeroos (18)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Dylan BryantEnoggeroosHard 2-2.5km1601729
Tony BryantEnoggeroosHard 2-2.5km9200637
Alex CaristoEnoggeroosVery Easy-1.1km
Fiona CaristoEnoggeroosHard 2-2.5km9102822
Thomas CaristoEnoggeroos Easy-1.7km9201787
Adrian GarbelliniEnoggeroos Easy-1.7km2082217
Joseph GarbelliniEnoggeroosHard 1-3.5km2082542
Josephine GarbelliniEnoggeroosHard 2-2.5km2082549
Paul GarbelliniEnoggeroosHard 2-2.5km8660488
Samuel GarbelliniEnoggeroosHard 1-3.5km8642015
Sara GarbelliniEnoggeroosHard 2-2.5km2082556
Thomas GarbelliniEnoggeroosHard 1-3.5km8640954
Lachlan HowardEnoggeroosHard 1-3.5km2067720
Jack NeumannEnoggeroosHard 1-3.5km8651711
Krystal NeumannEnoggeroosHard 1-3.5km7999111
Indigo NewnesEnoggeroos Easy-1.7km2053225
Joshua NewnesEnoggeroosHard 2-2.5km2053235
Lucy PeljoEnoggeroosHard 2-2.5km