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Competitors entered to ACT Classic Series: Parawanga Pent-O, Haig Park

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Name: ACT Classic Series: Parawanga Pent-O, Haig Park
Organiser: Parawanga Orienteers
Date: Sunday 24 March 2019

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

40 competitors entered in total.

Pent-O Men (40)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Liz AbbottParawanga Orienteers8660483
Bryant AllenParawanga Orienteers409735
Peter AntcliffBushflyers2057046
Narasimha Rao BandiParawanga Orienteers2074217
Valerie BarkerBushflyers1600556
Andrew BarnettBushflyers8642295
Kate BondBushflyers2054780
Mary BullockBushflyers2133842
Michael BurtRed Roos9200884
Cath ChalmersRed Roos8642221
Paul de JonghBushflyers8241193
Connor DentRed Roos8668728
Elye DentRed Roos8652596
Hayden DentRed Roos8667637
Kathie DentRed Roos8667936
Martin DentRed Roos8631650
Phoebe DentRed Roos1602090
Tony GarrParawanga Orienteers9101123
Stephen GoggsRed Roos1602071
Carol HardingBushflyers2038395
John HardingParawanga Orienteers9101994
Ana HercegParawanga Orienteers8655394
Ariadna IskhakovaRed Roos2062824
Marina IskhakovaRed Roos1602101
Bill JonesRed Roos1602092
Kerryne JonesRed Roos9200773
Sue KeyMelbourne Forest Racers8630848
Greg LaneParawanga Orienteers364416
Tara MelhuishParawanga Orienteers8650352
Zoe MelhuishParawanga Orienteers8650358
Pat MiethkeParawanga Orienteers1403161
Robert MouattRed Roos41217
Hind NeedhamRed Roos2053105
Tate NeedhamRed Roos9005194
Mace NeveRed Roos8650367
Ben RattrayRed Roos8663331
Alex RicksRed Roos2095068
Jonathan RicksRed Roos2103867
Aoife RotheryRed Roos8645938
Hermann WehnerWeston Emus41216