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Competitors entered to Sheepstation Creek, Wivenhoe Dam, Bush

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Name: Sheepstation Creek, Wivenhoe Dam, Bush
Organiser: Ugly Gully Orienteers
Date: Sunday 23 June 2019

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

45 competitors entered in total.

Hard 2 (5)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Samuel GarbelliniEnoggeroos8642015
Tony HowesUgly Gully Orienteers8647251
Tim McIntyreUgly Gully Orienteers2019381
Krystal NeumannEnoggeroos7999111
Neil SimsonToohey Forest Orienteers9201058

Hard 3 (10)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Andrew BrennanRange Runners Orienteering Club9102053
Zazi BrennanRange Runners Orienteering Club9101367
Juliana de NooyUgly Gully Orienteers1399601
Peter EffeneyUgly Gully Orienteers9101508
Murray HainesSunshine Orienteers Club2086749
Ross McGinnisSunshine Orienteers Club2086746
James MitchellUgly Gully Orienteers258436
Jacquie RandUgly Gully Orienteers1602144
Robert RapkinsEnoggeroos1931355
Trevor SauerSunshine Orienteers Club403511

Hard 5 (13)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Dylan BryantEnoggeroos8022006
Tony BryantEnoggeroos8021977
Neville CobboldOrienteering Queensland213622
Sara GarbelliniEnoggeroos2082556
Judith HayToohey Forest Orienteers7140849
Jay MairUgly Gully Orienteers258447
Fiona McIntyreUgly Gully Orienteers1399610
Lynda RapkinsEnoggeroos8646163
Karyn RossToohey Forest Orienteers2046676
Matthew RossToohey Forest Orienteers2046673
Johanna Tavner-CornerToohey Forest Orienteers2065543
Tony Tavner-CornerToohey Forest Orienteers9101322
Richard VanzellaRange Runners Orienteering Club

Moderate (7)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Mali BrennanRange Runners Orienteering Club1396824
Alison BryantEnoggeroos9200638
Isabella CooperRange Runners Orienteering Club
Elizabeth FergusonUgly Gully Orienteers2084709
James FergusonUgly Gully Orienteers2082216
Dallas SykesRange Runners Orienteering Club
Jacob SykesRange Runners Orienteering Club

Easy (7)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
William BarnesRange Runners Orienteering Club
Kari BrennanRange Runners Orienteering Club1396819
Miles BryantEnoggeroos8032008
Caitlyn GarrattRange Runners Orienteering Club
Bailey SykesRange Runners Orienteering Club
Jen WoodsToohey Forest Orienteers258407
Alex WrightRange Runners Orienteering Club2098983

Very Easy (3)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Callum BryantEnoggeroos8062010
Ben GarrattRange Runners Orienteering Club
Alex VanzellaRange Runners Orienteering Club2053236