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Competitors entered to Kelvedon, south of Swansea - OST 4

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Name: Kelvedon, south of Swansea - OST 4
Organiser: Australopers
Date: Sunday 24 March 2019

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Esk Valley (13)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Valerie BrammallEsk ValleyM/W Open A1391841
Chris BrownEsk ValleyW501406101
Lynnda CoffeyEsk ValleyM/W Open B7211162
Bayley FisherEsk ValleyM17-202068751
Roger HarlowEsk ValleyM701391769
Kenneth McLeanEsk ValleyM211391848
Dirk NankervisEsk ValleyM552009871
Donelda NilesEsk ValleyW501418735
Paul PacqueEsk ValleyM501406110
Arabella PhillipsEsk ValleyW17-208653103
Simon PhillipsEsk ValleyM601391842
Ekaterina SavkinaEsk ValleyW219101621
Ksenia TorganovaEsk ValleyW Open AS7201304