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Competitors entered to Oceania 2019 - Junior Invitational Tour

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Name: Oceania 2019 - Junior Invitational Tour
Organisers: Bold Horizons Event Organiser / Orienteering ACT
Date: Saturday 28 September 2019

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Bushflyers (13)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Toni BrownBushflyersBoarding and Activities
Mary BullockBushflyersBoarding and Activities
Jordi CanadellBushflyersActivities Only
Xavier CanadellBushflyersActivities Only
Daniel HaipolaBushflyersActivities Only
Shauna HaipolaBushflyersActivities Only
Tommi HaipolaBushflyersBoarding and Activities
Joshua MansellBushflyersActivities Only
Ken MansellBushflyersActivities Only
Celina MillerBushflyersActivities Only
Chloe MillerBushflyersActivities Only
Jacob MillerBushflyersActivities Only
Sabrina SonntagBushflyersActivities Only