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Competitors entered to ACT & NSW Sydney Camp

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Name: ACT & NSW Sydney Camp
Organisers: Orienteering ACT / Orienteering NSW
Date: Friday 21 February 2020 - Sunday 23 February 2020

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Bushflyers (9)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Jo HobsonBushflyersEasy7692803
Justine HobsonBushflyersHard8041810
Alison InglisBushflyersEasy2038391
Toby LangBushflyersHard8680081
Natalie MillerBushflyersHard1124327
Patrick MillerBushflyersEasy8650360
Silke SpeierBushflyersEasy2020616
Zoe TerrillBushflyersHard2108456
Caitlin YoungBushflyersHard8653101

Orienteering ACT (4)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Elin ErneOrienteering ACTHard8042602
David StocksOrienteering ACTHard8636575
Matthew StocksOrienteering ACTHard8652588
Ryan StocksOrienteering ACTHard8650871

Parawanga Orienteers (5)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Ella CuthbertParawanga OrienteersHard8642296
Paul CuthbertParawanga OrienteersHard9200624
Anna HasanParawanga OrienteersHard8103238
Amanda IsaksenParawanga OrienteersHard8130899
Fryderyk PryjmaParawanga OrienteersHard8001095

Red Roos (1)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Maria DeptulskaRed RoosHard8631442