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Competitors entered to East Coast 3 Days - Day 1 - Mystery Event

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Name: East Coast 3 Days - Day 1 - Mystery Event
Organiser: Esk Valley
Date: Saturday 7 March 2020

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

30 competitors entered in total.

Heavyweight (9)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Matthew CohenAustralopers8652433
Jeff DunnAustralopers2009883
Louis ElsonAustralopers2009884
James LaverAustralopers1398630
Owen MulcahyAustralopers8656789
Barbara TassellAustralopers1391751
Bruce TerryAustralopers4612611
Caitlin TerryAustralopers7207971
Deborah TerryAustralopers1008146

Middleweight (17)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Euan BestEsk Valley8667633
Sophie BestEsk Valley7207980
Sussan BestEsk Valley9102928
Elizabeth BicevskisAustralopers8643992
Martin BicevskisAustralopers8633235
Chris BrownEsk Valley1406101
Janet BushAustralopers1391780
Jane CalderAustralopers2009842
Mike CalderAustralopers1391800
Robyn ChapmanAustralopers1391782
Renny DuckettAustralopers1391781
Bert ElsonAustralopers8664060
Jan HardyAustralopers1418737
Lindsay PenderAustralopers1391801
Ian RathboneAustralopers8664063
Rosie RutledgeAustralopers7207976
Sally WayteAustralopers1398640

Lightweight (4)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Phil BestEsk Valley1391757
Elsie ElsonAustralopers4612565
Roger HarlowEsk Valley1391769
Tim HarlowEsk Valley406259