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Competitors entered to Metro League #5 - "The Final" - Lansdowne

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Name: Metro League #5 - "The Final" - Lansdowne
Organiser: Uringa Orienteers
Date: Sunday 18 October 2020

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Uringa Orienteers (21)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
David ChristieUringa OrienteersDiv.48628179
Melanie ChristieUringa OrienteersDiv.42103587
Serena DoyleUringa OrienteersDiv.28646115
Shane DoyleUringa OrienteersVolunteer9201059
Carol Anne El-ChaarUringa OrienteersVolunteer2028770
Ori GudesUringa OrienteersVolunteer8657693
Dave LottyUringa OrienteersDiv.52056432
Jim MackayUringa OrienteersDiv.47002150
Maggie MackayUringa OrienteersDiv.42056452
Mary Jane MahonyUringa OrienteersDiv.58667625
Ian McKenzieUringa OrienteersDiv.18338448
Zoe MellingUringa OrienteersVolunteer8647249
Ant NolanUringa OrienteersDiv.27002144
Jonathan NolanUringa OrienteersDiv.52056434
Dick OgilvieUringa OrienteersDiv.52036820
Henry OrozcoUringa OrienteersDiv.1
Ron PallasUringa OrienteersVolunteer1421093
Aldo SestaUringa OrienteersVolunteer402448
Linda SestaUringa OrienteersDiv.22037723
Gayle ShepherdUringa OrienteersVolunteer1400073
Michael WarltersUringa OrienteersDiv.28654985