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Official results for SOS Hills District - Winston Hills Public School

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Name: SOS Hills District - Winston Hills Public School
Organiser: Bold Horizons Event Organiser
Date: Saturday 1 August 2020

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Long Line Open

3 900 m, 22 starting competitors
1James McQuillanWHO14:15
2Peter AnnettsGaringal15:45
3Peter 2Garingal15:58
4Michael Ridley-SmithGaringal16:41
5Tony HillGaringal18:53
6Paul SweeneyWHO19:35
7Lee CoadyWHO19:49
8Anthony SaundersWHO20:42
9Andrew WisniewskiBig Foot21:24
10Melissa AnnettsGaringal21:28
11Wayne PepperBennelong Northside23:09
12Stephen DunlopWHO24:28
13Kay MurphyGaringal26:40
14Gillian SpringerNo club membership27:52
15Lloyd GledhillGaringal33:42
16Barry HanlonWHO37:50
17Malcolm GledhillWHO38:51
18Janet MorrisWHO39:44
19Ross DukerGaringal50:45
Amanda ParkerWHOmispunched
Silvia TeohWHOmispunched
Darren SlatteryBennelong Northside Orienteersmispunched

Long Line High School

3 900 m, 5 starting competitors
1Niamh CassarWHO17:59
2Curtis PepperBennelong Northside20:35
3Kieran JosephGaringal20:54
4Oscar MurphyGaringal27:42
Selwyn SweeneyWHOmispunched

Long Line Primary

3 900 m, 6 starting competitors
1Lachlan FaheyNo club membership28:47
2Liam FaheyNo club membership44:23
3Luke HodierneNo club membership47:00
4Ryan HodierneNo club membership47:15
5Levi CoadyWHO1:08:39
6Lucas ParkerNo club membership1:14:24

Short Line Open

1 800 m, 4 starting competitors
1Constance ValaisWHO28:36
2Lyn MalmgronSHOO40:42
3Ross DukerGON40:49
4Sue ThomsonGaringal42:31

Short Line Primary

1 800 m, 7 starting competitors
1Matilda SaundersWHO19:59
2Liam FaheyNo club membership28:09
3Jessica BuchananNo club membership29:33
4Shay SweeneyWHO36:14
5Kate BuchananNo club membership36:19
6Merryn SpringerWHO43:48
7Jessica LambertNo club membership1:01:44

Score Open

1 starting competitor
1Barry PearceWHO32017:51

Score High School

1 starting competitor
1Scarlett SaundersWHO35012:00

Score Primary

7 starting competitors
1Jessica BuchananWHPS35015:19
2Ivy Hernandez TaylorNo club membership35016:34
3Kate BuchananWHPS35020:31
4Boaz Hernandez TaylorNo club membership35033:13
5Joel SpringerWHN34024:21
6Alan MangrooNo club membership34026:50
7Daniel O'BrienNo club membership34026:52

Warm Up High School

700 m, 1 starting competitor
1Niamh CassarWHN7:03

Warm Up Primary

700 m, 6 starting competitors
1Liam FaheyNo club membership14:34
2Tully & ElleryGaringal15:47
3Ivy Hernandez TaylorNo club membership23:24
4Boaz Hernandez TaylorNo club membership23:46
5Lachlan BramleyGaringal32:00
6Olivia BramleyNo club membership32:02

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