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Official results for ACT Metro Series: Junior League #9, Cork Oaks - Event A

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Name: ACT Metro Series: Junior League #9, Cork Oaks - Event A
Organiser: Abominable O-Men
Date: Saturday 19 September 2020

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42 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Jill WalkerEasy: Womens: Masters23:5711:58
1Nikolaus ElzMod 2: Mens: Open36:1413:56
1Arlan LeaneVEasy: Mens: Junior19:2510:47
2Thurein HalpinEasy: Mens: Junior15:22+0:547:41
3Robert FisherMod 2: Mens: Masters20:07+2:367:44
4Georgia HallamEasy: Womens: Junior19:25+3:309:42
5Owen RadajewskiMod 1: Mens: Junior21:17+3:495:54
5Tahlia ManitiEasy: Womens: Junior22:49+6:5411:24
5Tessa RadajewskiVEasy: Womens: Junior22:44+10:2212:37
6Diana HallamMod 2: Womens: Masters26:18+5:3810:06
6Aurelie LeaneEasy: Womens: Junior23:18+7:2311:39
7Ana HercegMod 1: Womens: Masters26:42+4:547:25
8David HoggMod 2: Mens: Masters30:06+12:3511:34
8Cathy HoggMod 1: Womens: Masters30:24+8:368:26
9Ann IngwersenMod 2: Womens: Masters29:42+9:0211:25
9Caitlyn ManitiMod 2: Womens: Junior42:46+23:2016:26
9Joshua ManitiEasy: Mens: Junior37:39+23:1118:49
9Max BradleyMod 2: Mens: Junior31:21+16:4912:03
10Michael GuthrieMod 1: Mens: Junior28:10+10:427:49
11Deirdre SharkeyMod 1: Womens: Masters32:32+10:449:02
11James HeyesMod 1: Mens: Masters23:41+8:156:34
12Sanda HalpinMod 2: Womens: Junior45:13+25:4717:23
12Bill MonaghanMod 2: Mens: Masters36:26+18:5514:00
12Thomas FisherMod 2: Mens: Junior40:55+26:2315:44
13Elizabeth DunbarMod 2: Womens: Masters32:06+11:2612:20
14Anna HasanMod 1: Womens: Masters35:24+13:369:50
14Barbara MartinMod 2: Womens: Masters32:15+11:3512:24
15Erica LejinsMod 2: Womens: Masters34:44+14:0413:21
15Morten PedersenMod 1: Mens: Masters25:29+10:037:04
16Michael RadajewskiMod 1: Mens: Masters25:59+10:337:13
16Helen FisherMod 2: Womens: Masters35:35+14:5513:41
18Pat MiethkeMod 1: Womens: Masters48:19+26:3113:25
21Jon GlanvilleMod 1: Mens: Masters27:57+12:317:45
24Bruce BowenMod 1: Mens: Masters31:18+15:528:41Download route in GPX format
25Andrew Cumming ThomMod 1: Mens: Masters31:36+16:108:46
29Anthony SlatyerMod 1: Mens: Masters33:06+17:409:11
38Bryant AllenMod 1: Mens: Masters40:53+25:2711:21
41Ian CrellinMod 1: Mens: Masters48:56+33:3013:35
42Narasimha Rao BandiMod 1: Mens: Masters59:54+44:2816:38
John HardingMod 2: Mens: Mastersmispunched
Phil WalkerMod 1: Mens: Mastersmispunched
Liz AbbottMod 1: Womens: Mastersmispunched

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