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Official results for ACT Metro Series: Junior League #9, Cork Oaks - Event A

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Name: ACT Metro Series: Junior League #9, Cork Oaks - Event A
Organiser: Abominable O-Men
Date: Saturday 19 September 2020

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1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
13Alan SargeantMod 2: Mens: Masters37:51+20:2014:33


18 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Grace CraneMod 1: Womens: Masters21:486:03
2Banjo Bluett-JonesVEasy: Womens: Junior13:36+1:147:33
3Matthew CraneMod 1: Mens: Masters17:43+2:174:55
3Ingrid Shelton AgarMod 2: Womens: Junior21:38+2:128:19
3Rui Bluett-JonesVEasy: Womens: Junior19:06+6:4410:36
4Zaf Bluett-JonesEasy: Mens: Junior16:53+2:258:26
4Mark BourneMod 1: Mens: Masters19:45+4:195:29
6Ryan HedgesEasy: Mens: Junior19:56+5:289:58
7Florence CraneVEasy: Womens: Junior27:02+14:4015:01
8Ian ProsserMod 1: Mens: Masters21:45+6:196:02
9Patrick Shelton AgarMod 1: Mens: Junior25:31+8:037:05
10Jennifer WebbMod 2: Womens: Masters30:30+9:5011:43
12Edith GrayMod 1: Womens: Masters33:37+11:499:20
18Stephen StillMod 1: Mens: Masters26:39+11:137:24
20John Shelton AgarMod 1: Mens: Masters27:50+12:247:43
21Janelle StevensonMod 2: Womens: Masters47:27+26:4718:15
35Chris WardMod 1: Mens: Masters37:26+22:0010:23
John ScownMod 1: Mens: Mastersmispunched


51 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Ben MansellEasy: Mens: Junior14:287:14
1Jane BarnettMod 2: Womens: Open29:2411:18
1Emily HinchcliffeEasy: Womens: Junior15:557:57
1Ken MansellMod 2: Mens: Masters17:316:44
1Paul de JonghMod 1: Mens: Open17:234:49
1Ryan StocksMod 1: Mens: Junior17:284:51
1Carys ConnickMod 1: Womens: Open27:007:30
1Justine HobsonMod 1: Womens: Junior26:307:21
2Chloe MillerMod 2: Womens: Junior20:03+0:377:42
2Ellen JohnsonMod 1: Womens: Junior26:57+0:277:29
2David StocksMod 1: Mens: Junior18:09+0:415:02
2Valerie BarkerMod 2: Womens: Masters22:58+2:188:50
2Naomi PentonEasy: Womens: Junior16:28+0:338:14
3Vicky MansellMod 2: Womens: Masters22:59+2:198:50
3Toby LangMod 1: Mens: Junior19:07+1:395:18
3Jacob MillerMod 2: Mens: Junior17:48+3:166:50
4Angus McKeeMod 2: Mens: Junior21:39+7:078:19
4Antony MoorMod 2: Mens: Masters23:58+6:279:13
4Mika MoorMod 2: Womens: Junior23:54+4:289:11
4Brendan WilsonMod 1: Mens: Junior20:06+2:385:35
4Chris StocksMod 2: Womens: Masters24:04+3:249:15
5Joshua MansellMod 2: Mens: Junior22:29+7:578:38
5Jo HobsonMod 2: Womens: Masters25:38+4:589:51
6Charlie SeddonMod 2: Mens: Junior23:00+8:288:50
6Katherine HinchcliffeMod 2: Womens: Junior27:32+8:0610:35
7Matthew StocksMod 1: Mens: Masters20:58+5:325:49
7Aidan YeatesMod 2: Mens: Junior23:49+9:179:09
7Anastasia YeatesMod 2: Womens: Junior27:54+8:2810:43
8Shelley SeddonMod 2: Womens: Masters27:53+7:1310:43
8Joseph WilsonMod 1: Mens: Junior24:14+6:466:43
8Rachel PentonVEasy: Womens: Junior27:56+15:3415:31
10Katherine MaundrellMod 2: Womens: Junior42:47+23:2116:27
10Jack GroseMod 2: Mens: Junior34:28+19:5613:15
10Silke SpeierMod 1: Womens: Masters31:41+9:538:48
11Elizabeth AndersenMod 2: Womens: Junior42:51+23:2516:28
12Ari PiiroinenMod 1: Mens: Masters24:03+8:376:40
13Susanne HarryssonMod 1: Womens: Masters34:05+12:179:28
14Pauli PiiroinenMod 2: Mens: Masters39:15+21:4415:05
15Carol HardingMod 1: Womens: Masters35:31+13:439:51
15Chris HinchcliffeMod 2: Mens: Masters45:05+27:3417:20
17Susan HallissyMod 2: Womens: Masters35:44+15:0413:44
18Penny KingMod 2: Womens: Masters35:45+15:0513:45
19Andrew JohnsonMod 1: Mens: Masters27:24+11:587:36
19Lynwen ConnickMod 1: Womens: Masters52:16+30:2814:31
22Chris AndersenMod 1: Mens: Masters29:28+14:028:11
23Greg WilsonMod 1: Mens: Masters30:50+15:248:33
27Andrew HobsonMod 1: Mens: Masters32:24+16:589:00
32David JenkinsMod 1: Mens: Masters35:02+19:369:43
33Peter AntcliffMod 1: Mens: Masters36:05+20:3910:01
Jesse PiiroinenMod 1: Mens: Openmispunched
Michael MitchellMod 1: Mens: Mastersmispunched


5 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
3Elise PalethorpeMod 1: Womens: Junior28:08+1:387:48
5Toni BrownMod 1: Womens: Masters25:32+3:447:05
6Braden McGrathMod 2: Mens: Masters27:18+9:4710:30
12Elizabeth McGrathMod 2: Womens: Masters31:51+11:1112:15
Clare AlderMod 2: Womens: Juniormispunched


22 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
3Matthew PurcellMod 1: Mens: Open22:17+4:546:11
5Ethan JoyceEasy: Mens: Junior17:56+3:288:58
6Zack NoyesMod 1: Mens: Junior22:47+5:196:19
7Braedy JaugietisMod 1: Mens: Junior24:09+6:416:42
8Cara DallistonMod 2: Womens: Junior38:06+18:4014:39
11Nicholas BrennanMod 1: Mens: Junior28:14+10:467:50
12Will MadlMod 1: Mens: Junior28:55+11:278:01
13Nathan PearsonMod 2: Mens: Junior46:15+31:4317:47
14William LavertyMod 1: Mens: Junior32:16+14:488:57
15Oliver GotzingerMod 1: Mens: Junior35:35+18:079:53
16Justin KruseMod 1: Mens: Junior36:01+18:3310:00
17Henry GotzingerMod 1: Mens: Junior37:20+19:5210:22
18Sébastien BouMod 1: Mens: Junior41:44+24:1611:35
19Daniel RossMod 1: Mens: Junior42:21+24:5311:45
20Nicholas LawranceMod 1: Mens: Junior49:08+31:4013:38
21Callum BennettMod 1: Mens: Junior53:09+35:4114:45
22Kaelen SorensenMod 1: Mens: Junior54:15+36:4715:04
23Nicholas CresswellMod 1: Mens: Junior1:15:00+57:3220:50
Haochen NiuMod 2: Mens: Juniormispunched
Christopher TaudevinMod 2: Mens: Juniormispunched
Jasir AiiafMod 2: Mens: Juniormispunched
Lachlan HoMod 1: Mens: Mastersmispunched


42 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Jill WalkerEasy: Womens: Masters23:5711:58
1Nikolaus ElzMod 2: Mens: Open36:1413:56
1Arlan LeaneVEasy: Mens: Junior19:2510:47
2Thurein HalpinEasy: Mens: Junior15:22+0:547:41
3Robert FisherMod 2: Mens: Masters20:07+2:367:44
4Georgia HallamEasy: Womens: Junior19:25+3:309:42
5Owen RadajewskiMod 1: Mens: Junior21:17+3:495:54
5Tahlia ManitiEasy: Womens: Junior22:49+6:5411:24
5Tessa RadajewskiVEasy: Womens: Junior22:44+10:2212:37
6Diana HallamMod 2: Womens: Masters26:18+5:3810:06
6Aurelie LeaneEasy: Womens: Junior23:18+7:2311:39
7Ana HercegMod 1: Womens: Masters26:42+4:547:25
8David HoggMod 2: Mens: Masters30:06+12:3511:34
8Cathy HoggMod 1: Womens: Masters30:24+8:368:26
9Ann IngwersenMod 2: Womens: Masters29:42+9:0211:25
9Caitlyn ManitiMod 2: Womens: Junior42:46+23:2016:26
9Joshua ManitiEasy: Mens: Junior37:39+23:1118:49
9Max BradleyMod 2: Mens: Junior31:21+16:4912:03
10Michael GuthrieMod 1: Mens: Junior28:10+10:427:49
11Deirdre SharkeyMod 1: Womens: Masters32:32+10:449:02
11James HeyesMod 1: Mens: Masters23:41+8:156:34
12Sanda HalpinMod 2: Womens: Junior45:13+25:4717:23
12Bill MonaghanMod 2: Mens: Masters36:26+18:5514:00
12Thomas FisherMod 2: Mens: Junior40:55+26:2315:44
13Elizabeth DunbarMod 2: Womens: Masters32:06+11:2612:20
14Anna HasanMod 1: Womens: Masters35:24+13:369:50
14Barbara MartinMod 2: Womens: Masters32:15+11:3512:24
15Erica LejinsMod 2: Womens: Masters34:44+14:0413:21
15Morten PedersenMod 1: Mens: Masters25:29+10:037:04
16Michael RadajewskiMod 1: Mens: Masters25:59+10:337:13
16Helen FisherMod 2: Womens: Masters35:35+14:5513:41
18Pat MiethkeMod 1: Womens: Masters48:19+26:3113:25
21Jon GlanvilleMod 1: Mens: Masters27:57+12:317:45
24Bruce BowenMod 1: Mens: Masters31:18+15:528:41Download route in GPX format
25Andrew Cumming ThomMod 1: Mens: Masters31:36+16:108:46
29Anthony SlatyerMod 1: Mens: Masters33:06+17:409:11
38Bryant AllenMod 1: Mens: Masters40:53+25:2711:21
41Ian CrellinMod 1: Mens: Masters48:56+33:3013:35
42Narasimha Rao BandiMod 1: Mens: Masters59:54+44:2816:38
John HardingMod 2: Mens: Mastersmispunched
Phil WalkerMod 1: Mens: Mastersmispunched
Liz AbbottMod 1: Womens: Mastersmispunched


44 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Aoife RotheryMod 2: Womens: Junior19:267:28
1Martin DentMod 1: Mens: Masters15:264:17
1Elye DentMod 2: Mens: Junior14:325:35
2Andrew SlatteryMod 1: Mens: Open21:06+3:435:51
2Kerry DickieMod 2: Womens: Open40:27+11:0315:33
2Mace NeveMod 1: Womens: Masters22:59+1:116:23
2Jonathan PickeringMod 2: Mens: Masters19:54+2:237:39
2Hayden DentMod 2: Mens: Junior17:02+2:306:33
2Mark GregsonMod 1: Mens: Masters16:54+1:284:41
3Marina IskhakovaMod 1: Womens: Masters23:12+1:246:26
4Cath ChalmersMod 1: Womens: Masters25:05+3:176:58
4Layla DentVEasy: Womens: Junior20:34+8:1211:25
4Lauren CharlesMod 1: Womens: Junior39:21+12:5110:55
5Robert AllisonMod 2: Mens: Masters25:14+7:439:42
5Tate NeedhamMod 1: Mens: Masters19:58+4:325:32
5Ariadna IskhakovaMod 2: Womens: Junior24:33+5:079:26
6Jonathan RicksMod 1: Mens: Masters20:50+5:245:47
6Allison JonesMod 1: Womens: Masters26:25+4:377:20
6Veronika IskhakovaVEasy: Womens: Junior24:44+12:2213:44
7Kerryne JonesMod 2: Womens: Masters27:41+7:0110:38
9Rob WalterMod 1: Mens: Masters21:57+6:316:05
9Phoebe DentMod 1: Womens: Masters30:40+8:528:31
9Lola RattrayVEasy: Womens: Junior47:26+35:0426:21
9Amalia ZapataVEasy: Womens: Junior47:26+35:0426:21
10Eoin RotheryMod 1: Mens: Masters22:25+6:596:13
11Judy AllisonMod 2: Womens: Masters30:41+10:0111:48
11Alan ThompsonMod 2: Mens: Masters36:14+18:4313:56
11Max WalterMod 2: Mens: Junior37:16+22:4414:20
13Tommy CharlesMod 1: Mens: Junior31:07+13:398:38
16Robert MouattMod 2: Mens: Masters47:05+29:3418:06
17Fedor IskhakovMod 1: Mens: Masters26:27+11:017:20
19Hind NeedhamMod 2: Womens: Masters38:29+17:4914:48
20Penny BrothersMod 1: Womens: Masters54:32+32:4415:08
26Jose ZapataMod 1: Mens: Masters31:57+16:318:52
28Bill JonesMod 1: Mens: Masters32:43+17:179:05
31Hugh JorgensenMod 1: Mens: Masters34:07+18:419:28
34Michael BurtMod 1: Mens: Masters37:22+21:5610:22
36Keith FifieldMod 1: Mens: Masters38:46+23:2010:46
37Martin CharlesMod 1: Mens: Masters39:03+23:3710:50
39Eric WainwrightMod 1: Mens: Masters41:25+25:5911:30
40Maurice PattenMod 1: Mens: Masters43:35+28:0912:06
Alex RicksMod 1: Mens: Juniormispunched
Leigh DickieMod 1: Mens: Mastersmispunched
Kathie DentMod 1: Womens: Mastersmispunched


5 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Hermann WehnerVEasy: Mens: Masters52:3829:14
10John SuominenMod 2: Mens: Masters35:51+18:2013:47
13Martin WehnerMod 1: Mens: Masters24:05+8:396:41
17Kirsten WehnerMod 1: Womens: Masters45:37+23:4912:40
Andrew CheffersMod 1: Mens: Mastersmispunched

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