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Official results for 2020 Tasmanian Sprint Relay Championships - Individual Entry

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Name: 2020 Tasmanian Sprint Relay Championships - Individual Entry
Organiser: Esk Valley
Date: Sunday 13 September 2020

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1 450 m, 19 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Marcus DegenaarNo club membership14:5310:15
2Eddie StonerNo club membership15:06+0:1310:24
3Sussan BestNo club membership15:41+0:4810:48
4Callum DegenaarNo club membership15:52+0:5910:56
5Chris BrownNo club membership16:25+1:3211:19
6Hugh FitzgeraldNo club membership16:47+1:5411:34
7Sophie BestNo club membership17:35+2:4212:07
8Geoff PowellNo club membership18:06+3:1312:28
9Sally WayteNo club membership20:01+5:0813:48
10Gayle WestNo club membership20:15+5:2213:57
11Greg HawthorneNo club membership20:25+5:3214:04
12Quinn BissettNo club membership21:23+6:3014:44
13Mike CalderNo club membership21:41+6:4814:57
14Donelda NilesNo club membership21:58+7:0515:08
15Andrea SchiwyNo club membership22:32+7:3915:32
16Renny DuckettNo club membership23:13+8:2016:00
17Sonia MartinNo club membership28:13+13:2019:27
18Janet BushNo club membership30:42+15:4921:10
Jo MitchellNo club membershipmispunched


2 275 m, 19 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Jack WickhamNo club membership17:447:47
2Riley KerrNo club membership19:04+1:208:22
3Euan BestNo club membership19:05+1:218:23
4Simon LouisNo club membership19:11+1:278:25
5Jonathan McCombNo club membership19:25+1:418:32
6Niko StonerNo club membership19:45+2:018:40
7Joshua AllenNo club membership20:34+2:509:02
8Mikayla CooperNo club membership21:00+3:169:13
9Anthony StonerNo club membership22:05+4:219:42
10Thomas GardeNo club membership22:13+4:299:45
11Arabella PhillipsNo club membership22:14+4:309:46
12Cathy McCombNo club membership23:03+5:1910:07
13Jeff DunnNo club membership24:17+6:3310:40
14Simon PhillipsNo club membership24:54+7:1010:56
15Kenneth McLeanNo club membership27:56+10:1212:16
16Gary CarrollNo club membership28:31+10:4712:32
17Tara PowellNo club membership28:36+10:5212:34
18Peter CusickNo club membership31:00+13:1613:37
Clare HawthorneNo club membershipmispunched


2 225 m, 19 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Jett McCombNo club membership21:369:42
2Matthew CohenNo club membership22:02+0:269:54
3Bayley FisherNo club membership26:19+4:4311:49
4Mark WestNo club membership26:26+4:5011:52
5Rachel AllenNo club membership26:29+4:5311:54
6Sebastian BurgessNo club membership26:55+5:1912:05
7Zali McCombNo club membership27:27+5:5112:20
8Bernard WalkerNo club membership27:49+6:1312:30
9Charlie CooperNo club membership27:54+6:1812:32
10Xavier ScottNo club membership28:43+7:0712:54
11Eleanor McLeanNo club membership28:56+7:2013:00
12Phil BestNo club membership32:31+10:5514:36
12Karen Wild-AllenNo club membership32:31+10:5514:36
14Simon AllenNo club membership33:34+11:5815:05
15Liz CanningNo club membership33:51+12:1515:12
16Mick CooperNo club membership34:35+12:5915:32
17Alison StubbsNo club membership36:01+14:2516:11
18Diana Cossar-BurgessNo club membership37:18+15:4216:45
19Meisha AustinNo club membership41:25+19:4918:36


1 600 m, 19 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Harrison GerrardNo club membership16:4810:30
2Liana StubbsNo club membership17:36+0:4811:00
3Julia Powell-DaviesNo club membership20:41+3:5312:55
4Russell KerrNo club membership21:13+4:2513:15
5Lindsay PenderNo club membership21:39+4:5113:31
6Kate LucasNo club membership22:05+5:1713:48
7Charles DragarNo club membership22:24+5:3614:00
8Shey BissettNo club membership24:56+8:0815:35
9Rod BissettNo club membership25:17+8:2915:48
10Valerie BrammallNo club membership29:33+12:4518:28
11Judy DavisNo club membership29:36+12:4818:30
12Barbara TassellNo club membership31:16+14:2819:32
13Bob HealeyNo club membership32:31+15:4320:19
14Jane CusickNo club membership33:03+16:1520:39
15Sandi PowellNo club membership33:45+16:5721:05
16Jane CalderNo club membership38:02+21:1423:46
17Esta BirdahicNo club membership41:23+24:3525:51
18Jo-Anne BissettNo club membership41:37+24:4926:00
19Wendy AndrewarthaNo club membership57:16+40:2835:47

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