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Official results for Chinchilla State School

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Name: Chinchilla State School
Organiser: Range Runners Orienteering Club
Date: Sunday 13 September 2020

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Very Easy

600 m, 19 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Jaxon TaylorNo club membership3:406:06
2Patterson FrameNo club membership3:42+0:026:10
3Joh HendriksenNo club membership3:44+0:046:13
4Millie McLarenNo club membership4:48+1:088:00
5Angus McLarenNo club membership4:51+1:118:05
5Anthony McLarenNo club membership4:51+1:118:05
7Darcy ShepherdNo club membership5:03+1:238:25
8Mila ShepherdNo club membership5:04+1:248:26
9Kevin SavageNo club membership5:13+1:338:41
10Joel O'DowdNo club membership5:19+1:398:51
11Lisa RichardsNo club membership5:35+1:559:18
12Kirsty SavageNo club membership5:57+2:179:55
13Luke MooreRR Q6:19+2:3910:31
14Brydee MooreNo club membership6:34+2:5410:56
15Heidi FrameNo club membership6:37+2:5711:01
16Emma SavageNo club membership7:18+3:3812:10
17Josh MooreRR Q9:05+5:2515:08
18Haly AdamRR Q9:18+5:3815:30
19Amber FrameNo club membership11:52+8:1219:46


900 m, 10 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Kaye AdamRR Q7:268:15
2Darcy ShepherdNo club membership7:54+0:288:46
3Bree AdamRR Q8:41+1:159:38
4Lisa RichardsNo club membership8:48+1:229:46
5Luke MooreRR Q9:23+1:5710:25
6Mauricio BricenoNo club membership11:22+3:5612:37
7Fabiana BricenoNo club membership11:27+4:0112:43
8Daniella BricenoNo club membership11:29+4:0312:45
9Josh MooreRR Q11:33+4:0712:50
10Haly AdamRR Q19:19+11:5321:27

Short 1.2km

1 100 m, 12 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Charlie YoungRR Q6:486:10
2Lachlan MooreRR Q7:11+0:236:31
3Ben MooreRR Q8:12+1:247:27
4Anthony McLarenNo club membership9:14+2:268:23
5Angus McLarenNo club membership9:57+3:099:02
6Bree AdamRR Q10:11+3:239:15
6Mila ShepherdNo club membership10:11+3:239:15
8Kaye AdamRR Q10:14+3:269:18
9Millie McLarenNo club membership21:49+15:0119:49
10Kirsty SavageNo club membership21:50+15:0219:50
10Brydee MooreNo club membership21:50+15:0219:50
12Heidi FrameNo club membership21:52+15:0419:52

Long 2.0km

1 800 m, 14 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationTimeDiffKm time
1Lachlan MooreRR Q13:427:36
2Josh AdamRR Q13:43+0:017:37
3Charlie YoungRR Q14:21+0:397:58
4Philip YoungRR Q15:09+1:278:25
5Emma SavageNo club membership23:12+9:3012:53
6Mauricio BricenoNo club membership24:08+10:2613:24
7Kevin SavageNo club membership24:10+10:2813:25
8Daniella BricenoNo club membership24:36+10:5413:40
9Fabiana BricenoNo club membership24:39+10:5713:41
10Ben MooreRR Q24:48+11:0613:46
11Joel O'DowdNo club membership25:26+11:4414:07
Jaxon TaylorNo club membershipdid not finish
Joh HendriksenNo club membershipdid not finish
Patterson FrameNo club membershipdid not finish

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