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Official results for SOS Macarthur - Camden South

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Name: SOS Macarthur - Camden South
Organisers: Bold Horizons Event Organiser / Southern Highlands Orienteers
Date: Saturday 20 February 2021

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Long Line Open

2 900 m, 23 starting competitors
1Paul GrimsonNo club membership19:02
2Robert PrenticeNewcastle Orienteering Club22:07
3John McGannSouthern Highlands Orienteers22:41
4Tony HillGaringal Orienteers23:44
5Ben CumminsSouthern Highlands Orienteers24:22
6Titus MurraySouthern Highlands Orienteers26:13
7Elizabeth WoodgateIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers28:30
8Garry StewartSouthern Highlands Orienteers30:48
9Ben JohnsonSouthern Highlands Orienteers30:52
10Martin CroninSouthern Highlands Orienteers31:48
11Elizabeth LewisSouthern Highlands Orienteers33:50
12Rhett DoyleIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers35:41
13Sandra StewartNo club membership36:00
14Peter CurrieNo club membership37:58
15Kathy DraytonSouthern Highlands Orienteers46:23
16Dick OgilvieUringa Orienteers46:29
17Val HodsdonSouthern Highlands Orienteers47:09
18Natalie NielsenNo club membership48:29
19John NielsenNo club membership48:30
20Melissa Legovic No club membership48:53
21Maureen OgilvieUringa Orienteers1:05:25
22Rachel Lee & Claire TompkinsNo club membership1:09:33
Helen GolderSouthern Highlands Orienteersmispunched

Long Line High School

2 900 m, 3 starting competitors
1Marko Simic No club membership22:07
2Luka SimicNo club membership27:02
Dyan LeeNo club membershipmispunched

Long Line Primary

2 900 m, 13 starting competitors
1Stevan SimicNo club membership26:07
2Ryan WhiteCSPS29:06
3Daniel ZidsNo club membership35:33
4Finlay Horne No club membership35:45
5Phoebe Lee & Katherine PurdyNo club membership1:03:56
Thomas H & Noah RichardsonNo club membershipmispunched
Maci NielsenCSPSmispunched
Connor DeppiCSPSmispunched
Connor NielsenCSPSmispunched
Zoe WhiteCSPSmispunched
Bella ThomasCSPSmispunched
Bree ThomasCSPSmispunched
Marli ThomasCSPSmispunched

Short Line Open

2 000 m, 3 starting competitors
1Helen GolderSouthern Highlands Orienteers20:09
2Dave LottyUringa Orienteers35:24
John McGannSouthern Highlands Orienteersmispunched

Short Line High School

2 000 m, 7 starting competitors
1Ben ZidsNo club membership17:07
2Marko SimicNo club membership17:45
3Luka SimicNo club membership19:02
4Abby ZidsCSPS23:46
5Dylon LeeNo club membership25:02
Cameron LorieriNo club membershipmispunched
Rory CroninNo club membershipmispunched

Short Line Primary

2 000 m, 16 starting competitors
1Stevan SimicNo club membership17:38
2Jasper BestSouthern Highlands Orienteers34:09
3Charlie MatchettSouthern Highlands Orienteers34:47
4Harry MatchettNo club membership36:17
5Eli Toms No club membership39:42
6Zoe Toms No club membership40:34
7Hope TomsNo club membership40:36
8Isabelle Shore CSPS42:53
9Bodhi TodhunterCSPS43:01
9Kale TodhunterCSPS43:01
11Zali TodhunterCSPS47:23
12Sophie CumminsSouthern Highlands Orienteers50:10
13Lacy Horne csps51:06
14Thomas HazeltonCSPS53:14
Addison HoweCSPSmispunched
Tahlia GardinerNo club membershipmispunched

Score Open

1 starting competitor
1John McGannSouthern Highlands Orienteers3508:01

Score Primary

5 starting competitors
1Harper GrimsonNo club membership35013:08
2Willow GrimsonNo club membership35013:14
3Lisette HoweCSPS35026:10
4Harper Grimson No club membership33011:07
5Willow GrimsonNo club membership33011:12

Warm Up Open

600 m, 5 starting competitors
1Helen GolderSouthern Highlands Orienteers4:43
2John McGannSouthern Highlands Orienteers4:54
3Zoe WhiteNo club membership6:22
4Sarah CumminsSouthern Highlands Orienteers7:43
5Emma SmallNo club membership19:07

Warm Up High School

600 m, 1 starting competitor
1Hope TomsNo club membership9:04

Warm Up Primary

600 m, 8 starting competitors
1Jasper BestSouthern Highlands Orienteers4:17
2Ryan White No club membership6:10
3Eli TomsNo club membership9:05
4Zoey TomsNo club membership9:08
5Jasper Best No club membership9:13
6Lisette HoweNo club membership9:40
7Addison HoweCSPS15:50
7Lisettia HoweCSPS15:50

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