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Official results for False Bay

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Name: False Bay
Organiser: Saltbush Orienteers
Date: Sunday 11 April 2021


16 starting competitors
1Jennifer HughesHard Short Group (6)3:00:27
1Kristen HughesHard Short Group (6)3:00:27
1Kylie NiemannHard Short Group (6)3:00:27
1Andrew HughesModerate (2)53:24
2Kevin HumphreyHard (3)1:25:54
3Harry KalambeModerate Group (21)1:01:12
3Aidan PattersonModerate Group (21)1:01:12
3Dicken PattersonModerate Group (21)1:01:12
3Eva PattersonModerate Group (21)1:01:12
3Lachlan PattersonModerate Group (21)1:01:12
3Tracy TanModerate Group (21)1:01:12
4Adam VeartModerate Group (21)1:04:58
4Darrin VeartModerate Group (21)1:04:58
4Lyn VeartModerate Group (21)1:04:58
3Donna WingentHard Short Group (6)4did not finish
3Lea WingentHard Short Group (6)4did not finish


1 starting competitor
7Kevin VigarHard Short (6)5did not finish


28 starting competitors
1Jason MundayHard (3)53:58
1Darren BergmannHard Short (6)1:15:47
1Ava BergmannModerate Group (21)43:11
1Mel BergmannModerate Group (21)43:11
1Olivia BergmannModerate Group (21)43:11
1Scarlett BergmannModerate Group (21)43:11
1Willy SchmitzEasy (1)1:36:45
2Alek SimsHard Short (6)1:20:11
2Abi SmithHard Short Group (6)3:01:02
2Kobe SmithHard Short Group (6)3:01:02
2Kori SymonsHard Short Group (6)3:01:02
2Beth StevensModerate (2)1:09:30
2Jackie HirstModerate Group (21)56:17
2Nic VoorendtModerate Group (21)56:17
3Alan HollandHard (3)2:35:59
3John PatersonHard Short (6)2:03:39
4Rodger StoryHard Short (6)2:40:47
5Silvia FriedrichHard Short (6)2:44:25
5Greg HancockModerate Group (21)1:18:05
5Ruth HancockModerate Group (21)1:18:05
6Claire LaurieModerate Group (21)1:18:26
6James LaurieModerate Group (21)1:18:26
6Liam LaurieModerate Group (21)1:18:26
6Rebecca LaurieModerate Group (21)1:18:26
4Raymond FriedrichHard (3)6did not finish
6Malcolm HuggettHard Short (6)8mispunched
8John BrockhurstHard Short (6)4did not finish
9Bob KeilHard Short (6)1did not finish

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