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Official results for Moonabie North

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Name: Moonabie North
Organiser: Saltbush Orienteers
Date: Sunday 2 May 2021

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7 000 m, 6 starting competitors
1Jason MundaySB S1:01:57
2Kevin HumphreyCAS S1:25:28
3Darren BergmannSB S1:34:47
4Adrian WatsonSB S2:26:59
5Troy BroughamCAS S2:27:02
6Alan HollandSB S2:42:04

Hard Short

4 900 m, 3 starting competitors
1Tonia MundaySB S1:41:05
2John BrockhurstSB S2:08:06
3Alek SimsSB S2:23:16


3 400 m, 6 starting competitors
1Malcolm HuggettSB S1:02:49
2Bob KeilSB S1:23:06
3Andrew HughesCAS S1:35:15
4Silvia FriedrichSB S1:40:43
5Nic VoorendtSB S8did not finish
6Beth StevensSB S7did not finish

Moderate Group

3 400 m, 9 starting competitors
1Greg HancockSB S1:43:27
1Ruth HancockSB S1:43:27
2Abi SmithSB S2:10:56
2Allan SmithSB S2:10:56
3Aidan PattersonCAS S1did not finish
3Dicken PattersonCAS S1did not finish
3Eva PattersonCAS S1did not finish
3Lachlan PattersonCAS S1did not finish
3Tracy TanCAS S1did not finish


2 500 m, 1 starting competitor
1Willy SchmitzSB S1:16:38

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