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Official results for SOS Northside 3D - North Rocks

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Name: SOS Northside 3D - North Rocks
Organiser: Bold Horizons Event Organiser
Date: Saturday 20 February 2021

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Garingal Orienteers

40 starting competitors
1Arthur LusherShort Line Primary (7)20:58
1Ellis LeungShort Line Open (12)17:50
1Barbara JunghansScore Open (3)33020:45
1Andrew SmithWarm Up Open (2)5:56
2Kieran JosephLong Line High School (15)27:29
2Nicola McConaghyWarm Up Primary (3)26:56
2Toni BachvarovaWarm Up Open (2)5:57
3Peter FozoLong Line Open (53)21:26
4Barbara DawsonShort Line Open (12)25:38
4Anthony PiLong Line High School (15)29:13
4Alex KennedyLong Line Open (53)22:04
5Anthony WuShort Line High School (15)25:12
5Andrew SmithLong Line Open (53)22:24
6Peter AnnettsLong Line Open (53)23:07
6Eric LiuLong Line High School (15)30:55
6Elizabeth BulmanShort Line Open (12)28:01
7Timothy McConaghyShort Line High School (15)25:46
7Aniko Fozo-KerteszLong Line Open (53)23:38
11Sue ThomsonShort Line Open (12)53:14
11Toni BachvarovaLong Line Open (53)25:33
13Jamie KennedyLong Line Open (53)26:03
15John BulmanLong Line Open (53)26:44
19Peter McConaghyLong Line Open (53)27:43
20Melissa AnnettsLong Line Open (53)27:51
21Mark LusherLong Line Open (53)28:53
22Tania KennedyLong Line Open (53)29:17
25Ellis LeungLong Line Open (53)29:54
28Airdrie LongLong Line Open (53)31:13
31Cameron JosephLong Line Open (53)32:18
35Ted WoodleyLong Line Open (53)37:13
36Wendy McConaghyLong Line Open (53)38:01
38Ron JunghansLong Line Open (53)40:11
39Chris StevensonLong Line Open (53)40:44
41Matthew StevensonLong Line Open (53)44:56
43Tim CoxLong Line Open (53)54:17
44Bryony CoxLong Line Open (53)54:31
46Ross DukerLong Line Open (53)1:32:59
Jacky ZhangShort Line High School (15)mispunched
Peter AnnettsLong Line Open (53)mispunched
Huon WilsonLong Line Open (53)mispunched

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