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Official results for WA Long Distance Championships

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Name: WA Long Distance Championships
Organiser: Orienteering Association of WA
Date: Saturday 27 September 2014

Bibbulmun Orienteers

24 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Don YoungM80A (1)46:5622:20
1Michaela MaynardW14A (23)37:0612:22
1Skye McMullenW12A (6)24:2610:10
1Phil DuftyM70A (20)40:0010:48
2Liam DuftyM10A (6)20:27+4:119:44
2Penny DuftyW70A (12)41:21+2:0413:20
3Paul DowlingM21AS (8)54:50+12:418:50
3Lois WestW65A (15)52:22+0:3514:09
5Coreen MaynardW Open B (8)1:41:18+28:1333:46
6Riley McFarlaneM10A (6)25:50+9:3412:18
8Jo Anna MaynardW16A (21)43:09+15:0311:39
8Rob WestM60A (19)1:00:55+12:1211:29
8Simon WindsorM50A (17)58:53+11:579:29
10Sue DowlingW65A (15)1:37:42+45:5526:24
10Craig DuftyM21A (25)1:33:09+13:106:57
12Rob BeattieM55A (21)1:15:05+29:2013:10
15Joel McMullenM14A (22)53:08+20:0113:58
15Mike SibbaldM55A (21)1:29:46+44:0115:44
17Ricky ThackrayM21A (25)2:04:22+44:239:16Download route in GPX format
19Lily McFarlaneW14A (23)1:23:24+46:1827:48
20Hannah SchnellW14A (23)1:53:02+1:15:5637:40
27Jacob EvesM20A (29)2:50:52+1:52:1918:10
Bryce CrageM21A (25)mispunchedDownload route in GPX format
Natasha SpargW21A (17)did not finish
Patrick DuftyM12A (4)did not start
Kane MoreM14A (22)did not start
Michael DuftyM40A (7)did not start

Kulgun 225 Orienteers

14 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
4Graham BraidM40A (7)1:14:18+7:308:50
5Jan SmithW70A (12)52:00+12:4316:46
6Jacqueline.Georg McManusW65A (15)1:10:05+18:1818:56
7Jan PassW65A (15)1:16:04+24:1720:33
11Russell CandyM65A (13)1:26:14+41:3218:20
11Cameron DuncanM20A (29)1:18:36+20:038:21
16Geoff SmithM70A (20)1:01:38+21:3816:39
17Alec DuncanM55A (21)1:34:38+48:5316:36
19Sten ClaessensM21A (25)2:17:45+57:4610:16
Andy KempM45A (12)did not finish
Kate BraidW10A (5)did not finish
Heike BehrbohmW55A (10)did not finish
Jan CandyW65A (15)did not finish
Monica KempW40A (1)did not finish


22 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Sandra TarrW35AS (4)1:06:2414:07
2Jennifer BinnsW60A (13)51:48+9:3114:00
3Tony WhittakerM60A (19)53:39+4:5610:07
3Jessica MaddenW12A (6)25:15+0:4910:31
4Tony SimpkinsM65A (13)48:56+4:1410:24
4Isaac MaddenM10A (6)23:35+7:1911:13
4Oscar McNultyM20A (29)1:09:03+10:307:20
6Dale HawkinsM40A (7)1:46:50+40:0212:43
7Michael MaddenM45AS (8)1:47:57+45:1022:58
7Mike HoweM70A (20)51:20+11:2013:52
8Andre MorkelM45A (12)1:14:00+28:1811:02Download route in GPX format
8Lyn StoltzeW60A (13)1:03:54+21:3717:16
10Richard MatthewsM60A (19)1:02:47+14:0411:50Download route in GPX format
10Hubert DayM75A (10)1:47:36+1:02:2029:04
10Moreen CoxW70A (12)1:08:11+28:5421:59
12Theresa HoweW60A (13)1:16:54+34:3720:47
12Virpi KomulainenW21A (17)1:56:18+58:2313:50
Rosemary KullmannW65A (15)mispunched
Jenna LinehanW21A (17)did not finish
Janet FletcherW65A (15)did not finish
Nicole DavisW45AS (11)did not finish
Tomas KrajcaM21A (25)did not finish
Caitlin MaddenW10A (5)did not start
Anthea FeaverW50A (14)did not start

Orienteering Association of WA

1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
15Ken PostM60A (19)1:22:17+33:3415:31

South-West Orienteering Trekke

11 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Jill ElderfieldW55+AS (7)46:0714:52
3John ToomeyM40A (7)1:09:30+2:428:16
4Jen Graham-TaylorW35A (6)1:21:35+19:3213:09
4Michelle WhitfieldW55A (10)1:13:28+30:3515:37
5Annwen CandyW35A (6)1:26:49+24:4614:00
6Don MasonM55+AS (9)48:17+14:4115:34
8Kellie WhitfieldW21A (17)1:20:31+22:369:35
9Peter O'LoughlinM45A (12)1:21:10+35:2812:06
9Peter ElderfieldM55+AS (9)1:21:06+47:3026:09
14Rachel AustinW20A (23)1:20:58+23:5913:03
19Jordan NeillM14A (22)1:08:05+34:5817:55
Kynen NeillM12A (4)did not start

Wullundigong Orienteers of the

30 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeR
1Nicolette FinnieW Open B (8)1:13:0524:21
1Christine HowittW45AS (11)54:2114:41
2Daisy McCauleyW21AS (6)1:14:26+22:1914:02
2Sarah RichardsW12A (6)24:49+0:2310:20
2Amanda ChinneryM/WOpen Easy (3)32:00+2:2713:20
3Shaun RichardsM12A (4)23:06+2:029:37
5Michelle MartinW45A (7)1:52:25+1:01:5019:43
5Peter HamiltonM75A (10)56:21+11:0515:13
5Tom BrownlieM40A (7)1:23:04+16:169:53
7Melinda RichardsW Open B (8)2:38:16+1:25:1152:45
7Graeme HarrisM40A (7)1:46:56+40:0812:43
7Andrew MartinM45A (12)1:11:57+26:1510:44
9Jenny KomyshanW60A (13)1:06:55+24:3818:05
9Oliver MartinM16A (25)1:10:33+28:0012:22
11Helen PostW60A (13)1:13:49+31:3219:57
12John HarrisM65A (13)3:07:00+2:22:1839:47
12Steve FletcherM21A (25)1:34:58+14:597:05
13Ian JenningsM70A (20)58:45+18:4515:52
16Digby MercerM55A (21)1:33:49+48:0416:27
18Isaac WardM16A (25)2:08:42+1:26:0922:34
18Brian AustinM55A (21)2:15:05+1:29:2023:41
20Edward FinnieM14A (22)1:08:39+35:3218:03
20Wayne EliotM21A (25)2:44:08+1:24:0912:14
Kellie MartinW21AS (6)mispunched
Isobel FinnieW12A (6)mispunched
Ian FinnieM45A (12)did not finish
Vicky BrownlieW Open B (8)did not finish
Lyn MercerW55A (10)did not finish
David McCauleyM55A (21)did not finish
Adam NolanM21AS (8)did not finish
Eleanor FinnieW Open B (8)did not start

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