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Official results for WA Long Distance Championships

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Name: WA Long Distance Championships
Organiser: Orienteering Association of WA
Date: Saturday 27 September 2014

Abominable O-Men ACT

5 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Lizzie InghamW21A (17)57:556:53
5John ScownM60A (19)54:48+6:0510:20
5Ann ScownW60A (13)55:16+12:5914:56
Shannon JonesW35A (6)did not finish
Ian LawfordM21A (25)did not finish

Bushflyers ACT

16 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Patrick MillerM14A (22)33:078:42
3Noah PolandM14A (22)35:49+2:429:25
4Tristan MillerM14A (22)35:56+2:499:27
5Ari PiiroinenM50A (17)55:25+8:298:56
6Valerie BarkerW60A (13)1:03:08+20:5117:03
6Ryan StocksM14A (22)40:15+7:0810:35
6David PolandM55A (21)57:30+11:4510:05
9Carol HardingW50A (14)1:22:40+26:0315:35
10Caitlin YoungW14A (23)51:27+14:2117:09
13Toni BrownW50A (14)1:40:43+44:0619:00
14Christian PiiroinenM14A (22)51:20+18:1313:30
17Jesse PiiroinenM16A (25)2:01:40+1:19:0721:20
18John HardingM60A (19)1:41:17+52:3419:06
24Ian de JonghM20A (29)1:48:55+50:2211:35
Ella CuthbertW12A (6)mispunched
Kelly YoungW45A (7)did not finish

Grammar Senior ACT

1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
Mark GlanvilleM16A (25)mispunched

Orienteering ACT

1 starting competitor
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
11Miho YamazakiW14A (23)52:15+15:0917:25

Parawanga Orienteers ACT

13 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Liz AbbottW55A (10)42:539:07
1Lucy BartonW Junior B (1)54:5818:19
2Cathy HoggW35A (6)1:04:47+2:4410:26
2Tara MelhuishW16A (21)33:03+4:578:55
4Rohan HyslopM45A (12)1:02:53+17:119:23
4Pat MiethkeW65A (15)1:04:15+12:2817:21
5Zoe MelhuishW14A (23)43:46+6:4014:35
6Ana HercegW50A (14)1:04:17+7:4012:07
14Heather LaneW14A (23)54:19+17:1318:06
15Nick MelhuishM50A (17)1:23:33+36:3713:28
17Stephen MelhuishM20A (29)1:29:24+30:519:30
18Geoff StaceyM21A (25)2:12:04+52:059:51
21Ciaran LaneM20A (29)1:38:04+39:3110:25

Red Roos ACT

8 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Hugh MooreM65A (13)44:429:30
2David ShepherdM21A (25)1:20:24+0:256:00
3Kerryne JonesW60A (13)54:20+12:0314:41
13Michael BurtM55A (21)1:17:59+32:1413:40
14Oliver MillM20A (29)1:23:13+24:408:51
16Bill JonesM60A (19)1:22:47+34:0415:37
16Maurice PattenM50A (17)1:34:47+47:5115:17
Allison JonesW21A (17)mispunched

Weston Emus ACT

2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Hermann WehnerM90A (1)1:18:0137:09
7Gordon QuantockM75A (10)1:11:21+26:0519:17

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