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Official results for Melbourne PAS Saturday Series 3 - Waddle Park

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Name: Melbourne PAS Saturday Series 3 - Waddle Park
Organiser: Nillumbik Emus Orienteering Club
Date: Saturday 23 April 2016

Bayside Kangaroos Orienteers

17 starting competitors
1GEOFF ADAMSPower Walkers1:05:00
2KAY RASIDIPower Walkers1:05:00
5SANDY BURGOYNEPower Walkers1:05:00
6PETER COLLINSA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
7ANDREW BAKERA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
8VIC SEDUNARYA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
9ANDREW HUNTERA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
13STEPHEN COLLINSA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
14ROSIE SALVARISPower Walkers1:05:00
15MURRAY HANNAPower Walkers1:05:00
16DEB SUTHERLANDA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
22IAN BAKERPower Walkers1:05:00
26MICHAEL HUBBERTPower Walkers1:05:00
28KATHY MADDENPower Walkers1:05:00
29JUDI HERKESA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
32STEVEN OCONNELLA (60 Min Score)1:00:00

Central Highlands Orienteering Club

1 starting competitor
3MICHAEL HAYWARDPower Walkers1:05:00

Dandenong Ranges Orienteering Club

20 starting competitors
1ANDREW HESTERA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
1PHIL TORODEB (45 Min Score)45:00
2IAN DODDA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
2MARK PHILLIPSB (45 Min Score)45:00
5PETER GROVERB (45 Min Score)45:00
6DEBBIE DODDB (45 Min Score)45:00
8ROSALIND KINGPower Walkers1:05:00
10ALLAN MILLERPower Walkers1:05:00
12HELEN WALPOLEA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
15DENISE PIKEA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
16LAUREN JACKSONPower Walkers1:05:00
17ANDREA JACKSONPower Walkers1:05:00
18RAY HOWEA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
20JILL PHILLIPSPower Walkers1:05:00
21JULIE WOODPower Walkers1:05:00
24CHRISTINE PALMERPower Walkers1:05:00
27DALE HOWEA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
29PAT MILLERPower Walkers1:05:00
30TINA SMITHPower Walkers1:05:00
31CHRISTINE PALMERA (60 Min Score)1:00:00

Nillumbik Emus Orienteering Club

10 starting competitors
1SCHON HUDSONCourse Settercompleted
4LAURIS STIRLINGB (45 Min Score)45:00
4BARRY GILESPower Walkers1:05:00
10JANET JOHNSONA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
14PETER MALLENA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
17ROBERT HUDSONA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
23IAN STIRLINGPower Walkers1:05:00
24GEOFF HUDSONA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
25BERNIE SHUTTLEWORTHPower Walkers1:05:00
28PAM BRAITHWAITEA (60 Min Score)1:00:00

Orienteering Victoria

18 starting competitors
3MARK JARVISA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
5CHRIS RUNTINGA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
7PENNY BLAIRB (45 Min Score)45:00
7IAN MATHIESONPower Walkers1:05:00
8JEMIMAH BLAIRB (45 Min Score)45:00
9RUTH JOSEMPower Walkers1:05:00
11STEVEN LEICESTERA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
11MICHAEL SALIHPower Walkers1:05:00
12JULIE SALIHPower Walkers1:05:00
13JULIAN JOSEMPower Walkers1:05:00
19CALVIN BLAIRA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
20HAMISH BLAIRA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
21PETER KEMPSTERA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
22CELIA MASSIE-BERTIEA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
23KATHERINE TURNERA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
26SHIRLEY PALMERA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
27IAN MORGANPower Walkers1:05:00
30JANE MADDENA (60 Min Score)1:00:00

Tuckonie Orienteering Club

1 starting competitor
6NOEL MCVEYPower Walkers1:05:00

Yarra Valley Orienteering Club

4 starting competitors
4RON SCHOLESA (60 Min Score)1:00:00
18JACKIE DEMPSTERPower Walkers1:05:00
19JOHN DEMPSTERPower Walkers1:05:00
25KATHERINE DENTA (60 Min Score)1:00:00

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