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Official results for Goldseekers Summer Twilight Street Event - Calare

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Name: Goldseekers Summer Twilight Street Event - Calare
Organiser: Goldseekers Orienteers
Date: Friday 17 February 2017

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A Scatter

9 starting competitors
1Brenton, Ethan & Lily GoldingGoldseekers Orienteers22:47
2Sue & Oscar LaneGoldseekers Orienteers27:55+5:08
3Georgina WillisGoldseekers Orienteers34:57+12:10
4Peter MackieGoldseekers Orienteers37:20+14:33
5Lauren IfflandGoldseekers Orienteers53:10+30:23
6Benjamin IfflandGoldseekers Orienteers53:12+30:25
7Carmen King & Willi ThomasGoldseekers Orienteers53:56+31:09
Mortimer Hamling & Hayden Griffith (5 controls)Goldseekers Orienteersdid not finish
Gabby Gregory (6 controls)Goldseekers Orienteersdid not finish

B Scatter

12 starting competitors
1Phillip SchwebelGoldseekers Orienteers44:53
2Basil BaldwinGoldseekers Orienteers45:06+0:13
3Freya HawkeGoldseekers Orienteers48:07+3:14
4Stephen JohnsonGoldseekers Orienteers49:39+4:46
5Glenn DesboroughGoldseekers Orienteers50:34+5:41
6Max DesboroughGoldseekers Orienteers51:04+6:11
7James GregoryGoldseekers Orienteers54:05+9:12
8Carolyn PriestGoldseekers Orienteers54:13+9:20
9Birgit LoeckerGoldseekers Orienteers54:55+10:02
10Jean BaldwinGoldseekers Orienteers55:38+10:45
11Mitch & Belinda AllenGoldseekers Orienteers56:35+11:42
12D’Arcy & Lawson HamlingGoldseekers Orienteers1:09:18+24:25

C Scatter

5 starting competitors
1Darren FrancisGoldseekers Orienteers45:19
2Charles KeirGoldseekers Orienteers46:10+0:51
3Russell TymGoldseekers Orienteers47:48+2:29
4Stephen NugentGoldseekers Orienteers53:20+8:01
5Taneil Blandford & Damien CainGoldseekers Orienteers58:38+13:19

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